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"A" is for Adamski:


Paranormal Adept
A recent book by Greg Bishop and Adam Gorightly.
"A" is for Adamski: The Golden Age of the UFO Contactees

An Amazon Review:
Up front, the authors play it tongue-in-cheek. There is something of the prankishness of Gray Barker and Jim Moseley in their handling of the dozens of biographical accounts of notable contactees, folks who had claimed to have met with extraterrestrials during the glory days of the saucer era, mostly between 1947 and the 1970s. The tales are most often outlandish. Most are not, and never were, household names. Several included DID make a lasting impact on the field of UFOlogy. This book is a ready resource for all those names, including rare photographs and the occasional cover reproduction from obscure publications. The vignettes which accompany each personality are not burdensome, just the basics in a few large-format pages, leaving the reader room for further discovery. The footnotes are generous and serve to guide the reader back to the original context of the tales. It makes a fine and affordable coffee table volume, or waiting room reading if you happen to be a dentist or a hairdresser with a penchant for the strange.
Greg would make a good guest on this topic.

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
Yes he has already talked about the book to some extent in his recent appearances. We will definitely want to bring him and Gorightly on to talk about it further.