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A haunted house?


Paranormal Maven
This isn't my story. It was posted my someone else on another, non-paranormal forum that I'm a regular at. I thought I would re-post it here to get opinions on whether there's a natural explanation for all this or something paranormal is afoot.

Here it is:

I'm not a big believer in ghosts, when something spooky happens I try to rationalize it before pointing my finger at the supernatural, but lately some weird things are happening in my home. So many things that its getting hard to ignore.

I live with my girlfriend and 2 dogs in a house we're renting. I'll give you a few examples of what's going on. Sorry if its a long read I'll try to keep it as short as possible.

#1. This happened about 2 weeks ago and is the first weird occurance. Our basement is a typical michigan basement. Dirt floor and cement walls. To enter it you have to lift a hatch that is in the entry hall way of our home. I'm home alone, the dogs are outside in the back yard. I go downstairs to turn the water to the outside faucet off. There are 3 dimly lit rooms down there but one is boarded and locked up. While I'm walking around looking for the shut off valve I notice what looks like writing drawn in the dirt. Some look like typical english letters but some look like weird random squiggle marks. It creeps me out a bit but I just kick the dirt around and erase it. I go into the 2nd room and begin to shut the water off when I faintly hear my girlfriend's voice calling from upstairs. She would have seen the hatch open and know I'm downstairs so I find that weird but i yell back and hear nothing. I finishing turning the water off when I hear her again saying my name. I yell that I'm downstairs and I hear nothing in return. I get goosebumps, go upstairs and look around. She's not home, I shut the hatch and that's it.

#2. Since then I keep jolting awake at night with the feeling that somebody is standing over me.

#3. My girlfriend and I are sitting on our couch watching TV, our dogs are sleeping on the floor by our feet. All of a sudden we hear what sounds like a dog squeak toy fall from somewhere high and squeak. We both look at each other to see if the other had heard. Even the dogs are now alert and looking towards the room where the sound came. After a few minutes of silence I go look for a toy but can't find one. Must be a mouse or something I conclude and continue watching TV.

#4. My dogs are starting to almost refuse to walk over my basement hatch door even while its closed.

#5. My girlfriend tells me she swore she heard me calling her name when she was home alone in the shower.

#6. The final occurrence happened this morning and is the reason why I found this all weird enough to share. I put the dogs in their cages and leave for work. I get to my car and realize I'm wearing my brown dress shoes not my black. I go inside and and kneel down to change shoes. Our shoe rack is next to our basement hatch, as I'm kneeling I hear what sounds like a stick being dragged in the dirt coming from down stairs. I hear it, then it stops for a few seconds only to continue again. I opened the hatch and go down stairs, at first I don't notice anything but then I see that there is more weird writings/drawings this time in room #1 where I'm certain I would have noticed them. There were even perfectly drawn triangles mixed in this time. I got the creeps and went back upstairs and left.

Sorry for the long read, I'm not really writing asking for advice. Its just a slow day at work and I figured i'd shared since it's all I can think about.


Alright so nothing really weird had happened for awhile. I've only went down in the basement I think once since I first wrote this and it was just to throw a box down there or something.

But about a week ago one of my dogs started to act sick. So I took him to the vet and they didn't really know what his deal was but gave me some kind of medicine to see if he would improve. Yada yada he only got worse the next couple of days up until this morning when I took him into the vet who has decided to keep him over night. While I was at work my girlfriend is talking to me on the phone and mentions that while she was mopping the floor she moved the dogs kennel and that under it was a bunch of gibberish written with white erase marker.

I instantly think of the basement writings and ask her to send me a pic and she says she mopped it up. I asked what it looked like and she said it looked like weird shapes or a foreign language written inside of a big triangle. I never told her about the basement writings so I go ahead and tell her and now of course she's freaked out.

This is where it gets really creepy...

I'm home from work, girlfriend is gone for the night and it's just me and the dog since our other one is at the vet. I'm in the side room playing some pool, the TV is on kinda loud but I hear my dog yipping and whining. I go over and look into the living room and shes just sitting there on the couch looking at me not making a peep but I still hear the sound. I turned around and walked into the hallway where the sound appears to be coming from the laundry room. It takes a second of me thinking the dryer got left on before I realize the sound is way to soft for the dryer and that it straight up sounds like a girl is crying in a super soft feminine cry. The hair on the back of my neck stood up and I got goose bumps instantly. Gotta see what this is, no way am I turning back so I speed walk to the laundry room and flip the light on...nothing. BUT then I hear stuff hitting the floor in the kitchen, I walk out and there are ice cubes on the floor, 4 of them! I've been home for hours, we don't have an ice maker on our fridge and I'm 100% positive I didn't get in the fridge or freezer once since I've been home. The girlfriend has been gone since noon and the ice cubes weren't a least bit melted.

I get this STRONG weird creepy feeling that somebody else is in the house or watching me so I go back to the side room and shut the TV off and listen. It was really silent and then I heard a slow creaking sound and my dogs ears perked up hearing it too. After a couple of seconds its silent again. So I creep walk out and stand next to my dog both of us just quiet and listening.

Then...(I've got the chills writing this right now) I hear from under the floor clear as day what sounds like metal on metal grinding coming from the basement! I hear it drag from one end of the house to the other and it then it sounded like a door shut down there!!!!

Been sitting here for about 30 minutes now. The TV is back on low and I'm posting this while keeping my ears peeled. Gonna go down into the basement tomorrow with my buddy and see if we can open this door up.

Double Nought Spy

May I please go back to the zoo now?
No way to know. It's just another anonymous story on the interwebs. Creepy as hell, well written and internally consistent. At least it's not a painful read. Be sure to let us know if there is more to it, and thanks for posting it.


Paranormal Maven
Here's another story someone posted in the same thread:

So, I had bunk beds at the time, my brother was on top bunk and I was on bottom bunk. But for some reason, that night I was asleep on the top bunk and so was my bro.

Anyway, we were asleep and my bro used to always sleep with his baseball bat for some strange reason. We both happen to wake up at the same time, and we both looked over towards our closet and we see this very, very tall black figure. Looked to be like it was wearing a hood, think of it like those grim reaper looking guys in Lord of the Rings.

I started crying, it was slowly moving closer. Mind you, the room is pitch black but you can PERFECTLY see this figure slowly moving towards you. So, as it was, I was crying and then it felt like I was pulled off the bunk and fell to the floor.

My brother had his baseball bat and started swinging it, then shortly after my dad came in the room and turned on the light and there was nothing in the room with us, of course.

What's really strange is that my bro's baseball bat was broken, there was no damage on the walls or anywhere on the railing of the bed, it was just broken for some reason. I know it sounds crazy and probably unbelievable, but I can say that we truly saw something that night.

Eventually, a few years later, we moved into a house. I remember walking back from my friends place and I looked down the side of the house into the backyard of my place and I saw a black figure standing there, this time wearing like a Freddy Krueger hat, but not literally, just the best example. Like a small top hat? I don't know, it was just before dark, so the sky was like a dark blue and all.

I tried to not think anything of it, I was trying to tell myself I'm just imagining things. That's the last time that I saw it, thankfully. I hope I never see anything like that again because it was the scariest moment in my life, I'm almost 21 now and even still to this day I can say that I really believe that my brother and I saw something that night.

Then as I said, my parents split and me, my bro and my dad moved back to that same apartment building but next door, my new room being beside my old room and that weird rubbing feeling on the side of my face and how I thought of it like "welcome home".

Ever since that night when I was a kid, as much as a girl I seem like, I make sure to sleep with some sort of light on. I always keep the closet door closed. I remember when I was living back in the apartment after my parents split, I would forget about keeping a light on and leaving my closet open and just looking into it and just thinking I saw the shape of the figure and it would make me gasp for air and I would be freaked out.

Yeah, sounds kind of crazy but it is what it is. I think that most people have very strange things happen in their lives that they just can't explain but they know what they saw.

So, no, shadow people aren't just 'quick movements' or whatever, they're something that it's like.. they want you to see them sometimes. Not everybody gets this in their life, but it stood right there in front of me, walked towards me, and next thing I know I'm on the floor from the top bunk crying my eyes out. I know that I didn't roll off the bed because I was sleeping near the wall and my bro was on the outside.

Wish it never happened, just writing this makes my eyes water.

Here's a pic of what I'm really talking about, the one the right is the first one I saw, and the 2nd one is the one I saw down the side of my house in the backyward just standing there. These are very, very accurate. They're very tall, darker than the darkest room and they're the scariest things you could probably ever see in life if they happen to show themselves to you.

It's crazy that this happened when I was so young, and then many years later, I read stories about other people seeing them. That's the creepiest part to me.



Paranormal Novice
A haunted house is a house or other building often perceived as being inhabited by disembodied spirits of the deceased who may have been former residents or were familiar with the property.