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9 months - 3 triangle sightings!


Paranormal Novice
Sorry if all this is a bit rushed but since this happened I've not had internet access and now i'm finally settled in my new home and a few months have passed i've got my internet up and running again and I can tell you all what I feel is a pretty cool story, specially for anyone who's interested in UFO's, and more specifically, black triangles.... Thank god for this site, which I just found. Its the perfect place for telling my tale..

My name is Fin, I'm male, 28 and I live in a small town in South Wales in the UK, right on the border to England.. I just moved into town but about 9 months ago I was living a few miles away in the countryside. I had internet access and one day as I was bored I checked youtube for ufo vids, having been interested as a small child. I found some cool vids and some obvious fakes, but then I stumbled across the Disclosure Project video. It blew me away.. and I was obviously still skeptical but it re-awakened my interest in the subject so I spent the next couple of months solidly on the net downloading everything I could, eager to see whether there was any more convincing evidence. I was shocked to find just how compelling the overall case is that at least SOME ufo's are 'not of this world'. The nasa tether vids, disclosure project, among alot of other info I came across was enough to make me seriously question what I had come to believe the world to be.. I was more shocked than I possibly have ever been in my life.. Are we really being lied to on such a huge level? Are we really being visited... REGULARLY... by objects or beings from other planets/dimensions? The question plagues me still as I feel it is such an exciting and obviously important question!!! Yet despite all the evidence, witnesses and even my own personal experiences, I find it hard to definitively decide one way or the other.. although I am starting to lean...

Anyway, after a few months I was visiting my sister in town, driving towards her house, staring at the sky for the umpteenth time since learning that UFO's could be real... and as I approached her house I saw what looked like two stars.. then I realised they were moving.. then realised they were definitely moving, and closer than I thought! They were orbs. I have no doubt in my mind.. specially after what happened several months later, which I will describe later. Anyway, I watched them moving towards me and within a few seconds my view was blocked by a house I was driving towards. I wasn't worried as I knew I was right by my sisters place... so I could quickly park and jump out of the car, which I did. I looked up to where the orbs last were.. Low and behold, from behind the roof of the house which was previously blocking my view two orbs did not appear... instead two triangles slowly appeared and SILENTLY drifted directly over my head, moving at walking pace, they were no more than a few metres apart, identical in every way, with a few symmetrical lights of different colours on the underside and distinctive lights on the point of each end of the triangle. They were not exactly low, but they were close enough to see clearly.. maybe about as high as 'Big Ben', the clock tower in London. I am confident of my rough judgement of their height as I saw them moving over the roofs of several houses as they passed, and there was solid cloud cover above.. I could easily discern their rough size, distance and height!
I watched as they flew at a constant speed over my head and disappeared off into the distance towards the hill that looks over the town. Just as an aside.. during all this two local boys walked past me heading into town.. they were totally oblivious to the triangles...
The whole sighting lasted about 1 minute.

After a few weeks what I had seen sank in, and I realised that I had basically had a "UFO sighting".. I was eager to tell friends, and told a few trusted ones, but I really didnt know what to think.. It seemed WAAAAY too good to be true, that within months of developing a burning desire to discover the answer about UFO's, to have a pretty cool sighting like this just land in my lap!! I mean, ORBS!! and 2 SILENT triangles in solid formation moving way too slowly to be normal winged flight!! No wonder I didnt let myself get too excited by this first sighting as it frankly WAS too good to be true.. So i kept calm, but was obviously still frustrated about the question: WHAT IS REALLY THE TRUTH of the subject, and so I constantly thought about it, AND obviously about my sighting, which only seemed to give me yet MORE questions to answer!!

Fast forward a few more months.. To SEPTEMBER 26 2008. I had moved into my house in town as the place I used to live and work at was going bust.. I started a new job as a taxi driver, and was happily going about my business driving drunk people around on a Friday night, at around 10pm.

I picked a guy up from the pub who needed driving up the motorway a few miles out of town.. We came over the brow of the hill, under a bridge, and.. I would like to swear but I'll remain polite... Guess what the fudge happened next! Same two triangles as a few months before... slowly pass over the car at about the same height as before... I say "what the F**K is that"... eager to draw my passenger's attention to them. He leant forward so as to look up through the windscreen and HE SAW THEM TOO! I cant remember his exact remark, and I must state that he was a little drunk, but not very.. He said something along the lines of.. "oh yeah wow that is pretty bloody wierd".. I was clearly and obviously more shocked than him.
They passed overhead and I was on a motorway driving fast so I concentrated on the road and quick as I could I pulled over the car on the hard shoulder and got out to look but by the time I had they were out of sight. I got back in the car to finish delivering my customer.. not wanting to look like a UFO nut... and finding it hard not to show my shock at what had just happened.. MY SECOND CLEAR SIGHTING OF EXACTLY THE SAME THING.. I told him I was pissed off cos this was the second time I'd seen those things and I couldnt work out what they were.. He seemed not too interested.. just glad to be home. But he did say before he got out that he was ex-military.. and that he had NEVER seen ANYTHING like those two triangles.

So thats it right?.. wrong.. I was elated... and more than anything even more confused.. But I had to get on with work.. I texted a couple of friends saying I'd seen the triangles again, but it was friday night.. i.e. busy, and I had to carry on with my new job, even though work was the last thing on my mind. My next customer was to be picked up outside town on the route back in from where I was.. They didnt turn up, so roughly about 20 mins later my boss radioed me to leave and drive back into town. So I did.. A few mins later I was coming into town, in the car on my own now.. Driving past the secondary school I used to go to, which is on the right side of the motorway, I noticed.. hovering above the park, just behind the school, about the height of two lamposts... as clear as anything, there were two large orbs, one slightly smaller than the other, kind of hanging just below it. They appeard solid.. with ZERO movement.. They were just there! Again, I was at this time going at about 60-70 mph so I kept my eye on them as I came past the park and slowed down as quickly as I could.
I jumped out of the car.. and you will not believe this.. but by the time I had got out of the car and glanced back to the orbs THEY WERE NO LONGER ORBS!! there were now two black triangles hovering roughly where the orbs had last been, but now one wasn't below the other, they were both sat right next to each other... no more than a few metres apart, just as before.. Just hovering in perfect formation. SILENT. Pretty damn big too! Each was the size of one of those small usually private jets that carries about 10 people. And this time they were just the height of two lampposts! Not like before when they had passed overhead.

I stood there in awe.. staring at them and trying to take in and record as much info as possible.. I was stood literally just 4 lanes away from them! They were just sitting there, for about 5-10 seconds, then they started moving, very slowly, as before.. They moved towards me and to my right, heading across the motorway.. then, they both calmly did a 90 degree turn and headed up the motorway, away from me, and a few seconds later one turned slightly right, heading off towards the hill that looks over town, while the other continued on course up the motorway..
Interestingly.. just after they turned away from me, all the different colored lights on the underside of both triangles turned pure white! Thats just an interesting detail that has always boggled me! I cannot remember much about the formation of the lights except that each time I've seen the triangles the lights are the same.. or at least very similar.. and there is definitely a row of at least 4-6 BLUE lights running along the back-underside-end of each triangle.. and NONE of the lights were very bright. They were just like small, sharp, LED's. And by the way, the triangles were classic slate black..as if they reflected virtually no light at all.. like a stealth bombers skin.

So, what was I to make of this? All of this was unbelievable to me.. Like I said before.. for me, as a UFO enthusiast,. its all too good to be true, but I swear on everyone I hold dear to me that it is all true. this actually happened, exactly as I've told it. And this third, easily most dramatic sighting was like confirmation of the first two sightings.. as the orbs were so clear and so close.. and then YET AGAIN they APPEAR to have turned into triangles? or were the orbs just a cloaking mechanism? Who knows... Plus this time the triangles were much closer and lower than before!!!

It sounds awful to any skeptic but my gut reaction at the time was that some kind of display was being put on for me. After all why else would they come towards me and then turn away? If they were a test flight of something.. en route.. somewhere.. then why hover over public parks? Why come towards a civilian then turn away, then change course again?? Too many questions for me.. and the whole thing is, to put it bluntly, doing my head in!! But at the same time I feel incredibly lucky to have seen these mysterious things.. not just once, but three damn times!! and at closer range than many ufo sightings.

I could go on for longer about the details of the sightings, and my feelings on the subject of UFO's, but this post is already long enough and I dont want to bore anyone.. but briefly.. After a few weeks I plucked up the courage to tell a local newspaper.. ANONYMOUSLY.. (I didn't want attention and ridicule, which would be specially unwelcome in my job in such a small town) as I was desperate to see if others had seen the triangles. I was delighted when for several weeks after running my story there were multiple follow ups including a front page entitled "UFO spotter is not alone" because several other locals had seen EXACTLY what I saw.. Some of them on the same night.. and one couple in the same place but SEVERAL YEARS BEFORE!!!!!

Anyway.. please tell me what you think about what I saw.. I just want to know what the hell is going on. But I am at least lucky to have seen these things, and to have somewhere like this site where I can share my experience, hopefully, free of judgement and ridicule.

I can confidently say after what I saw that I actually KNOW that "ufo's are real".. The question still remains, WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY! (and I have my own ideas but I'll save that for another thread)


Tommy Allison

Well, if you had a picture, I could tell you what I think you saw.

If you had Video, I could tell you what I think you saw.

Since I can't see into your mind, I can't tell you anything.


chrono-synclastically infundibulated
Where did all this transpire Fin? I wonder if the hitchiker you picked up was human or just wearing a human suit? It might explain his disinterest.


Paranormal Adept
thanks for the sighting story!
i suggest keeping a camera with you at all times. i always have one with me after my sighting 2 years ago.


Paranormal Novice
The third most dramatic sighting was the only one where I had a camera phone on me.. but I did not think to use it, as I was more interested in just stopping the car to get a decent look at the UFO's. At the time, proving this all to the world was not, and is still not, at the top of my agenda.. I just wanted to see them as well as I could, for me... plus I was awestruck, and it all happened pretty quickly. Had I been fumbling around getting the camera to work on my phone I might have missed something! If you had been where I was you would understand that there was no time to be messing with a mobile phone when you're experiencing something so weird and amazing. Now I am wiser, and will be prepared if there is a next time, and hopefully also calm enough to actually TAKE a picture.

In hindsight, obviously, its incredibly frustrating that I didn't get a photo.. as it would almost certainly have been the most close up, clear photo of black triangles of any that I've ever seen.


Paranormal Adept
i can relate totally. i am a photographer and had a camera with me during my sighting. (it was -3 degrees and very windy) when the object i saw was very close to me i had no thoughts on taking a photo, just watching it. it was only when it started leaving the area that i realized i should take a picture. then it was too far away to get a clear shot. i posted the miserable results here a couple years ago.


Paranormal Novice
Thanks pixelsmith. I can totally understand that from an outside perspective one may well think "well if I were there looking at a UFO then the first thing I would think of would be getting a picture, to show others what I saw"... but this is actually not what happens. At the time, when something so strange is happening, you just want to SEE it.. the first, most instinctive reaction is TO LOOK! to try to get the best glimpse.. to try to take in as much detail as possible. I'm still glad I did that, or my memories of the occasion may not be as detailed as they are.



Paranormal Novice
P.s. pixelsmith, give me a link to your explanation about your sighting? Sounds like you may have had a good one. I have looked but cant find it searching here..