1. Randall

    On The Show – Morgan Knudsen

    Morgan Knudsen returns to The Paracast. She'll be passing along words of wisdom and filling us in on her latest adventures in the realm of the paranormal. Morgan's Website: EntitySeeker Paranormal / Morgan Knudsen Join the Forum Here: Forum Registration For extras, subscribe to The Paracast...
  2. Paul Kimball

    Haunted, Episode 1

    Episode 1 is now available for Paracast+ subscribers. If you're signed up to the P+ just shoot me a PM and I'll send you the password. I'm working on the honour system here that eligible folks won't share it with anyone else. And then you can catch us chatting about the episode in depth on...
  3. Paul Kimball

    East Coast Paraconference 2017: Paul Kimball - Haunted

    A lengthy excerpt from the lecture I gave last weekend at the 2017 East Coast Paraconference in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. I recounted some of the most interesting experiences we had while filming the first season of the TV series. I also called upon director of photography / co-host Dillon Garland...
  4. Paul Kimball

    Back to ghost investigating...

    Looks like I'm heading back to the ghost investigating beat with my old partner-in-crime, Holly Stevens, in a new series for Canadian television called Haunted that we start shooting in January for an October release. If you're interested, you can keep an eye on our adventures on Facebook here...
  5. A


    Today on ApexTV we take a look at a supposed haunted doll that was caught on tape moving by itself. What do you think? Does this video offer conclusive proof that ghosts exist? The video appears to show slight movement of a doll, followed by the doll levitating suddenly.