1. stonehart

    Beyond Creepy

    Good YouTube page for paranormal stories. Beyond Creepy This is an interesting story to kick this off with.
  2. everydaypsyche

    Cryptids and environmentalism?

    Hello, all! I am very glad to be joining you here at The Paracast and look forward to contributing to the forums here. I am a graduate student working on my final paper before I finish my M.A. in Folklore. I wanted to ask you a few questions. Since I am writing a paper on this subject, could I...
  3. Vimana

    Crab Canyon, Honduras

    I've seen some weird stuff in my life, likely because I learned very early that things are not what they seem. I'm also an artist by trade so I am aware of the rendering engine between my ears. Most of these experiences are unreleated, and i dont think of myself as an abductee, contactee, or...