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    Meterologist/Astronomer Eamon Ansbro's UFO Findings and Quantum Superluminal ET Contact System

    This guy is a real breath of fresh air. Or at least I thought so. I'm not a scientist or even a good scientifically minded layman, but it seems he is at least well versed in hard science and makes at very least a great show of making it appear that he has applied his knowledge and expertise to...
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    October 3, 2010 Show - Final Events

    Really enjoyed the show as I always love hearing what Nick Redfern is up to. I found a couple links to some interesting articles for anyone interested in a bit more about the Lam Crowley entity and extraterrestrials. The first goes into a bit more gory detail about the contact...
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    Mark Pilkington Episode

    I never quite caught what part of the ufo phenomena Pilkington thought was legitimate. Seemed like he was holding out on us as far that side of it went. Almost seemed like he was simply paying lip service to being convinced that some portion of the phenomena was real just to be diplomatic, a...
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    Clifford Mahooty September 20

    Yeah, I agree that's part of it, I'm not sure he was necessarily saying they're here to mete out punishment, but yeah, to administer some kind of corrective action to get people back on the right track. There seems to be this overseer function as well it seemed from what he was saying too, which...
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    Clifford Mahooty September 20

    I thought the Cliff Mahooty show was a good one. The cross-cultural angle is important, otherwise it's easy to say that the ufo phenomena is just some cultural/psychological pop culture backwash that is projected onto the sky through people's eyeballs and imaginations. I've read and seen a lot...