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    Blind or Deaf Abductees???

    Of course they haven't either.;)
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    What World Under Climate Change

    More ice at the poles than in recent decades... I think the primary issues "deniers" have with the global warming (recently changed to climate change for CYA purposes) is the taxation and destruction of certain targeted industries. Everyone is pro-environment, but the idea that we can ignore...
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    39 Ufo researcher dies (Suspiciously?)

    I think it's important to remember that many believers/researchers are nuts, drug users and generally do odd things. Now, while that might sound harsh, looking at the sheer number of those that die from "mysterious" circumstances is unusually high. Add to that of course their followers that look...
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    July 5, 2015 — Ray Hernandez

    Let's not assume he has a good head on his shoulders to begin with. The guy is clearly an ardent leftist which, by definition, indicates an utter detachment from the real world. It's no surprise he not only prejudges, but draws the wrong conclusions as well.
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    ISIS Attack From Mexico Imminent!

    I don't see hate. I see him quoting their own scriptures. He may hate them, but it seems far less than they he.
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    Scam advertiser alert (a friendly heads up)

    Nice shirt jagoff LOL
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    How Silly is Climate Change Denial?

    This is all so simple: 1. Of course it's a natural occurrence; 2. Of course some humans pump more junk into the air than others (China, India, Pakistan et al), but the impact is smog and unbreathable air regionally more than turning us into Venus; 3. Much (if not most) of the drive to regulate...
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    Hoaglands lies, sciolism and grandstanding

    RCH has the same problem Streiber has. If he had just left well enough alone with his initial work/claims he'd be taken far more seriously. As it is, both kept talking and future ridiculousness has brought into question works that otherwise might be considered world-altering.
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    What Kind of Car Do You Drive?

    2011 GMC Acadia and 2013 Volvo XC60. No Prius poons here.
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    Barry Chamish episode sound quality

    I think so, based on his last name. However, I think I understood when he called Jews "stupid." What that drunk was trying to say is that Jews at least in the past are/were relatively trusting -- hence the idea that the ramp-up to the Holocaust really wasn't that big a deal. And let's be real...
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    Best Evidence Yet of a Holographic Universe?

    "Accept your lot in life" That's a telling phrase, smacking of surrender and abject despair. Individuals in that situation shouldn't be commenting to anyone other than their therapist.
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    Bill Cooper-Are you F***ing Kidding???

    It's easy to be a pessimist. No one hates you when you're wrong. Anyone that followed what Clinton did about Bin Laden was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Blind squirrels and all...
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    Hoagland's pseudo-science fantasy vs real science.

    Really a shame he had to go a little nuts. He and Strieber are in the same camp of not quitting while they were ahead.
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    Deconstructing the LAX False Flag

    The Civil War and WWII are examples of how these aren't new issues. More people in the world than ever. The ratio of the uber-wealthy to the destitute will always favor the latter in numbers. This is raw math. It extracts disproportionately more from the successful, not the Joe Average...
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    Jesus Invented By The Romans?

    It's always amazing how quickly certain participants in threads like this are outed as atheists, clearly with more beef about Christianity as a whole rather than certain elements of it. You got baited and outed. Now step 'side.