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    Consciousness and the Paranormal — Part 12

    Here's my opinion regarding recent consciousness craze in the UFO landscape, and recent hot topics One of the lead proponent of this trend is Grant Cameron, and I followed his videos closely, my assessment is that he is entirely misguided, and I am extremely disappointed by his "transition"...
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    From The NY Times: The Pentagon's Secret UFO Program

    Wouldn't that be useless? The space ship still needs to travel in a world with normal refractive index after all. Watched YouTube video of DeLonge's interview on Joe Rogan show. DeLonge is convinced that the Sumarians were visited by Aliens because one of their cylinder seals showed a bunch of...
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    Huff Post: Trusted government insider says no cover-up

    There is an interesting blog post on Huffington Post today Is There a UFO Cover-up? A Government Insider Speaks Out
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    Any news about what Bob Lazar's said at the IUFOC 2015?

    Thanks DaveM. I was asking because, in an interview just prior to the Lazar talk, Stanton Friedman said that he'd like to bring up Lazar's academic credential problem during the Q&A session, if he was given the chance to ask a question. That interview can be found here: Also, there is a night...
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    Any news about what Bob Lazar's said at the IUFOC 2015?

    I read online that on 2/21/2015, Bob Lazar and George Knapp were supposed to give a joint a presentation and Q&A session at the International UFO Congress, and new materials about Lazar will be revealed. So, what was revealed? Anybody know?
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    Alien Interview Discrepencies

    Just want to add to a litany of discrepancies in this book: The founder of the Chinese Taoism appears as "Laozi" in numerous places in the book, most prominently on page 92 where this name is repeatedly mentioned. "Laozi" is a thoroughly mordern translation. Prior to the adoption of the...
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    One of my experiences

    I remember things that my parents confirmed occurred when I was about 1.5 yrs old. They were as surprised as I was about being able to recall those events. At the same time I am sometimes astonished to read my own journal written only a few years ago, about events that have left no imprint at...
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    World War 3 - What The USA Is Facing

    As the overall standard of living improves around the world, the prospect of a global war is becoming increasingly unlikely.
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    Intro + my own personal experience

    The skeptic in me says the first incident might be search lights directed at cloud bottom, while the second is a kite.
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    Guest Request: Dr. Edgar Mitchell of NASA

    I stand corrected...although it has a pretty interesting SciTech section filled with legit news, the Daily Mail is a junk tabloid ...and i will put Moondust on my reading list. Thanks.
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    Guest Request: Dr. Edgar Mitchell of NASA

    Here's the link to that article. http://
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    Guest Request: Dr. Edgar Mitchell of NASA

    Please consider inviting Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the Apollo 14 astronaut who landed on the moon in the early 70s. On July 24, 2008, The Daily Mail (UK newspaper) published an article, quoting Dr. Mitchell who said he was briefed about Alien visits, and had advocated complete disclosure. It was...