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    Global Warming or Global Hot Air!

    Just a good question. How many of those 7 billion actually have cars ect....??? most of that population is 3rd world.
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    Oh S**t, shadow person alert.

    10-4 on that. btw it's not story-telling :). I don't make up stories but I do read them :)
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    Oh S**t, shadow person alert.

    Im not by any means saying for a fact that I know what it was. Im just saying that it for sure wasn't my mind playing tricks on me. My mom remembers the incident an my dad had seen things in that house so thats more than one person. My females cousins lived in that house before we did an they...
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    Oh S**t, shadow person alert.

    I gotta disagree about it being my eyes when I felt something physically grab me. Now I am a hesitant to say things sometimes but that stuff was not my eyes especially when at two of the experiences the people remember it. Your eyes dont put a trick in front of you that can physically grab you...
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    Oh S**t, shadow person alert.

    I thought since im new I would give 3 experiences I have had with what you guys term "shadow people", I just called them black figures. First one I think I had was when i was alone. I was about 6 years old an lived in a house where I always had nightmares, now mind you my dad would see...
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    To former MUFON message board members

    So was there anymore news on it? I used to be a member an logged on here an there an read up on some of the interesting stuff people would post. I admit there was some crazy people posting stuff that made everyone who has a genuine interest feel like they were whack jobs.