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  • Hey Archie,

    I found an image that goes well with something you said earlier:
    Live SE England, widely travelled. Lifetime of paranormal experiences which match the classic abductee-profie, have 2 scoop-mark scars & two major CE3s/4s in full conscious memory, one in 1972 with a resulting scar & one in 1976 witnessed by 3 other people.

    For obvious reasons the abduction phenomenon interests me but I am also interested in what the governments or INTELS of the world know about the ET issue and may be concealing. I do not favor "disclosure" in the naive, simplistic manner pushed by the exopolitics crowd: it seems obvious that the ETs do not want disclosure of their presence to the wider human population or at the very least are indifferent to it.

    This is a deep subject but there is a lot of shallow new-age bunk out there (not to mention shallow, ignorant CT-bunk). Fortunately the more you study, read, listen and learn the better the BS-detector becomes.

    The Paracast is (generally) an island of sanity and common sense populated (mostly) by the sane and sensible.
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