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    Ashamed..... is a shame..because having watched football all my life, and being from Atlanta, he was the most exciting football player I had ever seen. Anyone remember that 40+ yard run for a touchdown in overtime against Minnesota in the playoffs several years ago? That was just one of many...
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    We Need Your Help!

    I submit that db is the Simon Cowell of "Paracast Performences" And to me, that's a good thing! -------------------------- "Live a little, be a gypsy, get around......"
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    March 22nd / interview with Mike C!

    Having been searching for answers for over 25 years and having recently stumbled upon this site/podcast, i found Bierdny to be a breath of fresh air and a possible game changer. I feel Mike's take on this Mike C issue is completely plausible and relevent and he has presented his argument in a...