What Music Is Played in the Casino?

Special Feature

If you’ve ever ventured into a casino, you will realize that music is one of the biggest influences on the guests who enter these exciting venues. While some myths will suggest that casinos use music to lead people into staying fixated on the games that they are playing, one thing that music does do in the casino is enhance the player’s experience, by allowing them to enjoy themselves. One of the many things that all music genres in casinos have in common is that they are exceptionally upbeat and exciting, in order to allow the customer to have a good time as soon as they’re in their seat, rather than focussing on the blackjack myths or poker legends that are stopping them from enjoying the game. Setting the mood is an exceptionally important part of the casino, and because of this more people are likely to spend more money if they’re listening to an upbeat song as opposed to a love ballad. Here, we’ve done a little bit of research to find out exactly what type of music is played in the casino, and who picks them.

Las Vegas

One of the most notable things about Las Vegas casino resorts, is that more often than not, they will have a resident musician playing at their casino night after night. Whether it’s the like of Calvin Harris or even Celine Dion, there’s a huge number of artists that you can find there. However, that isn’t the only thing that they rely on when it comes to music in their casino, because without a little background music, the atmosphere of the casino floor would actually be a little dull. In the Palms Hotel, there is plenty of music that are chosen, and it turns out that CEO and president of the Palms, Hotel Todd Greenberg, personally selects a lot of the music on the playlist, alongside some of his trusted colleagues, in order to give guests a huge list of music to listen to rather than the same 20 track playlist played on repeat. He has been quoted saying that he wants “music to be fun, interesting and accessible to everyone” and that he tries to emulate the process of a film’s soundtrack “to help maximise their casino experience.”

Lounge Music

During the day, during quieter times, some casinos may play what’s known as lounge music, which was popular in the 1950s and 1960s. This is defined by its easy listening qualities, and while the night-time experience may want to create a party atmosphere in the casino through upbeat music, during the day some people many people may want to have something more relaxing while they are casually gambling in the casino, or walking through the hotel in order to find the pool.

Music is a huge marketing tool in the casinos, and while the myths of hypnotic music aren’t totally true, music really can help to change a guests’ attitude, in order to provide the very best atmosphere for the guests. This helps to boost the guest’s experience and as a result they may stay for longer and spend more money.