The Best Puzzle Games on Different Platforms

Sometimes after an exhausting day at work or school, all we need is some mindless entertainment to blow off steam. A lot of people take up yoga, martial arts or even cooking to detox when they feel stressed but for us, the couch potatoes, spending a bit of one on one time with our tech gadgets is the perfect getaway. And what’s the perfect thing to do on those gadgets when you get your hands on them? Play puzzle games of course. Puzzle games can account for days and weeks of a person’s life when you sum up the amount of time one can play them without getting bored. They might seem mindless but in truth, they could be the opposite. Puzzle games are known to stimulate brain activity and keep a person alert and on their toes. So go on, look these up and start playing.

The plethora of websites where you can find a variety of puzzle games to play is as infinite as the universe itself. That’s a good thing though, as it gives us many options to choose from. Recently, a lot of online casinos have been surfacing with their versions of puzzle games that seem to be pretty interesting, so if you’re thinking of making a quick buck while killing time, try playing some Novibet casino games. If you’re leaning towards free online puzzle games though, then websites like and are where you can find a wide selection of puzzle games to keep you entertained.

Android is the preferred platform for aspiring app developers to release initial versions of their applications. How is this relevant you ask? A lot of developers that are just starting their ventures start simple, and what’s simpler than a puzzle game. This means that the Google Play Store on android is a breeding ground for an assortment of “experimental” puzzle games. These lesser-known puzzle games can offer novelties that some of the classics can’t even begin to bring. Some of the most popular puzzle games you can get on android right now are by game publishers Blue Wizard Digital and Dear Villagers who both offer a couple of interesting game picks.

The Apple App Store has always been known to be a bit more refined and regulated. The games that make it to the iOS App Store are on average better optimized and endure more quality checks then the other two platforms mentioned. Even with all of that, the iOS App Store has a lot more puzzle game option then one can imagine. Some of the most popular puzzle games that are now considered classics first gained traction on the iOS App Store. This list includes games like Cut the Rope, Where’s my Water and Fruit Ninja. If you’re wondering which puzzle games are the most popular on the App Store now, then wonder no more. Prune and Ultraflow 2 are killing it at the app store and you should definitely check them out.