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October 8, 2023 — David Perkins Roundtable with Chris O’Brien, Greg Bishop and David Marler with Tim Swartz

Gene and cohost Tim Swartz present a special roundtable episode to honor the memory of the late David “Izzy” Perkins (1945-2023). Perkins spent decades laboring, mostly behind the scenes. to investigate and amass evidence about paranormal events. with a focus on the mystery of cattle mutilations. Featured guests include three of his friends: Chris O’Brien, cohost of The Paracast from 2010 through 2018, who has investigated hundreds of unexplained events in south-central CO/north-central NM. His investigations are chronicled in his “Mysterious Valley” book trilogy. He is also author “Stalking the Herd,” a major work focusing on cattle mutilations. Greg Bishop has explored the strange and unknown for a number of years. In 2019, he co-authored “A Is For Adamski,” an encyclopedic overview of the UFO contact movement. His long-running podcast can be heard at, his latest project is a tarot deck based on the history of UFO research entitled the “Ufology Tarot.” David Marler has had a lifelong interest in the UFO subject and has actively investigated and researched the subject for 33 years. He has one of the largest historical UFO archives of books, journals, magazines, newspapers, microfilms, audio recordings, and case files from around the world that covers the last 75+ years. He continues to accumulate material through his National UFO Historical Records Center.

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