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October 27, 2019 — Katina Kyle, a.k.a. K-Town

Gene and Randall introduce paranormal podcaster Katina Kyle, a.k.a. K-Town, a fellow podcaster with a unique approach to these subjects fused by her life experiences. Katina is a military veteran and the host and creator of Mysterious Radio and The X Podcast. In addition, she is the organizer of the Knoxville AlienXPO. Katina has worked in many different fields since leaving the military, but it’s working with children, serving in the military and now podcasting that she’s most proud of. K-Town has had a long interest in all things strange and unusual since witnessing “fire” suddenly start to blaze out of a hill at night when she was 14 years old. Always knowing that there was more going on in the unseen world, she started Mysterious Radio in 2016, and has conducted interviews on everything from UFO and alien phenomena, true crime, strange disappearances, true hauntings and more.

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