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October 24, 2021 — Greg Lawson with Tim Swartz

Gene and special guest cohost Tim Swartz present Greg Lawson, the Paranormal Detective, who offers a forensic examination of Roswell testimony in connection with his book, Roswell: The After-Action Report, which may be the last word on the legendary UFO crash story. The Roswell episode is possibly the most investigated and controversial UFO case in history. There are no shortages of beliefs and opinions to the actual events of this unusual happening. Dozens of corroborated witnesses and hundreds of professed witnesses have been interviewed, each with their varying degree of credibility. Lawson, a  veteran detective, uses forensic statement analysis and his thousands of hours of training and experience to review the cultural influence, historical context, and eyewitness testimony of those closest involved. He has spent much of his adult life investigating strange places. From the first Russian colony in Three Saints Bay, Alaska to the pyramids of Egypt, he has explored paranormal hot spots in over 40 countries.

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