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October 17, 2021 — Bryce Zabel with Curt Collins

Gene and special cohost Curt Collins present author/TV producer/screenwriter/UFO investigator Bryce Zabel, who returns to The Paracast to update us on what he’s been working on since his last appearance. Eleven years after the speculative fiction story he and Richard M. Dolan wrote about the subject, “A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact,” Zabel talks about what he regards as the improved prospects for the secret of the UFOs — or UAPs — finally being revealed now that the U.S. government has established the Pentagon UAP Task Force. He’ll also cover such hot topics as Roswell and abductions. A winner of the WGA award for screenwriting, Bryce has created and produced five primetime television series, including fan favorites Dark Skies and The Crow, and worked on a dozen TV writing staffs. A widely published essayist, he writes and edits the publication Trail of the Saucers on the Medium platform.

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