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October 15, 2023 Christopher Harmon with Tim Swartz

It’s experiment time and UFO investigator, psychic and remote viewer Christopher Harmon, attempts to display his claimed abilities to Gene and cohost Tim Swartz. He will be asked to remote view a specific location and conduct psychic readings of Gene and Tim. Listeners may be surprised — or not surprised — at the results. Harmon is also a MUFON Star Team Member and ERT Member (Abduction Counselor). He has also worked with Something Wicked Paranormal Investigations. Harmon says he first noticed his psychic abilities and experienced strange encounters with possible alien beings when a he was a young man, which led him onto a path of understanding. He teaches psychic courses in MUFON, and is currently offering an eight-week remote viewing course starting November 1. His Facebook page: Chris Harmon

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