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March 7, 2021 — David Halperin

UFO researcher and religious scholar David Halperin returns to talk about his recent columns about UFOs and the Bible, including the theories that ancient man was visited by beings from outer space. He continues to focus on his theory that UFOs are a myth, manifestations of a collective unconscious, and not physical spaceships from other planets. Back in the 1960s, David was a teenage UFO investigator. Later he became a professor of religious studies — his specialty, religious traditions of heavenly ascent. From 1976 through 2000, David taught Jewish history in the Religious Studies Department at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He’s the author of five non-fiction books on Jewish mysticism and messianism, the coming-of-age novel Journal of a UFO Investigator, and Intimate Alien: The Hidden Story of the UFO.

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