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January 3, 2021 — Philip Kinsella

Gene and Randall introduce Philip Kinsella, author of “YOU – THE PUBLIC DECEIVED: The Grand UFO Deception,” which brings together several theoretical applications concerning what the UFO phenomenon may represent. Exploring his own abduction, which occurred in the winter of 1989, and examining both old and new cases alike, he draws upon several conclusions as to what we may be up against. Philip won the British Mediumship Award in Portsmouth in 2008. He is the author of numerous books, some of which have been co-authored with his identical twin brother, Ronald, who is also an author and illustrator.  He has also researched the Rendlesham Forest Incident along with the first investigator/author on the case, Brenda Butler, which resulted in the book, “Sky Crash Throughout Time: A Continued Investigation into the Rendlesham UFO Mystery.”

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