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January 2, 2022 — Keith Linder with Tim Swartz

Gene and special guest cohost Tim Swartz introduce Keith Linder, who reveals what is regarded as America’s most controversial poltergeist case. In 2012 Keith and his girlfriend and moved into a house right outside of Seattle. The phenomena they witnessed while there would change their lives forever. They’re now living between two realities now. What he lived through and what he’s willing to share. Robb Tilley of the Australian Institute of Parapsychology Research says Keith Linder’s case “case is right up there with the most frightening of poltergeist cases: the Enfield Poltergeist, the South Shields Poltergeist, the Bridgeport Connecticut case, and the Matthew Manning case; all well-researched and detailed in various books and documentaries over the years.” Keith Linder is author of The Bothell Hell House, Attachments — Poltergeist of Washington State Part Two, and Poltergeist — The Night Side of Physics books.

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