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December 25, 2022 — John Kruse with Tim Swartz

Gene and cohost Tim Swartz explore the myths, legends and possible reality of fairies with author/blogger John Kruse, who has been fascinated by such lore since his early twenties. In mid-2016 he set up the WordPress blog “British Fairies” and started intensive fairy research and writing. In 2017 his themed examination of fairy-lore, “British Fairies,” was published by Green Magic Publishing. His next book, “Faery” was published by Llewellyn Worldwide in April 2020 and “Beyond Faery,” a companion volume on mermaids, hobgoblins and other faery beasts appeared in November that year. As of this interview, he was working on several other books on faery and he’s published articles in various magazines, including Magical Times, Witches and Pagans, The Wild Hunt and Faerie Mag. And one more thing: Are such tales similar to reports of UFOs and UFO abductions?

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