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December 18, 2022 — Philip Kinsella with Tim Swartz

Gene and cohost Tim Swartz present Philip Kinsella, a clairvoyant medium and UFO investigator/author. Having had many bizarre UFO/paranormal experiences throughout his life, along with his identical twin brother, Ronald, he began to research the phenomenon on a serious level of investigations after an alien abduction in 1989. This led to him writing several books: “Reaching for the Divine: How to Communicate effectively with your Spirit Guides and Loved Ones on the Other Side,” “Believe: Bridging the gap between the psychic and UFO phenomenon” and “SKY CRASH – Throughout Time: A Continued Investigation into the Rendlesham UFO Mystery” co-authored with UFO investigator Brenda Butler. This title is the main subject of this interview. Philip also wrote another book which he brought out through Amazon entitled: “A Passage Through Eternity: The Enigma of the Dead, UFOs & Aliens.”

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