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Gene Steinberg -- Co-Host of The ParacastGene Steinberg (Host/Executive Producer) Gene Steinberg is an award-winning journalist who first discovered the magic of writing while still a teenager. He edited his own science fiction and New Age fanzine, and began writing a science fiction novel about an Earth man who finds himself in an unknown land faced with life-threatening situations.

Over the years, Gene also developed a strong interest in UFOs and other paranormal phenomena, and wrote and edited a number of commentaries on the subject. In fact, during the time he worked as a radio broadcaster, covering a traditional news beat, he was still exploring the paranormal on the side, with the kind indulgence (or benign neglect) of his employers.

In 1984 Gene began to work on the original Apple Macintosh personal computer and never looked back. Over the next few years, Gene finally decided to follow his dream and become a full-time writer, but he also devoted extra time to work as a computer software/systems consultant partly to provide material for his books and magazine articles.

Gene has written over 30 books on computers and the Internet, plus hundreds of articles for such industry publications as MacAddict, MacHome, MacUser, Macworld and Computer Shopper. He has also written features for Gannett News Service, usatoday.com, and CNET. His computer news and support Web site, Gene Steinberg’s Tech Night Owl, receives tens of thousands of regular visitors each day.

His investigative feature for CNET, “Death of a PC Vendor II,” won a “Maggie” award as the Best Online Article by the Western Publications Association.

And now Gene has also returned to his original profession, radio. Debuting in 2002, The Tech Night Owl LIVE reaches tens of thousands of technology fans with news and commentary about Macs and personal technology (by vincent at dress head). In 2006, he become involved in the world of the paranormal once again, as co-creator of The Paracast, which has become what listeners call “the gold standard” of paranormal radio.

J Randall MurphyJ Randall Murphy (Cohost) is a Ufologist and recording artist from Calgary Canada who has been a Paracast member since 2010. Randall first appeared on The Paracast as a participant in roundtable discussions along with Gene and Christopher O’Brien.

He then went on to fill-in as guest co-host when Chris was away, and when Chris left the show in 2018, Randall became The Paracast’s third official cohost. Randall’s primary focus as a Ufologist is the analysis of existing cases and the evolution of Ufology into an accepted academic field of study.

Randall is also an active Paracast forum member/moderator and the webmaster for the Ufology Society International (USI), an informal ufology interest group with members in over 22 countries.

Over the years, Randall has had a number of firsthand experiences that left him with no doubt that alien visitation is a reality and that strange things happen to too many people to offhandedly dismiss them as hoaxes, misperceptions, misinterpretations, misidentifications, or any other of the numerous explanations that skeptics and debunkers typically offer.

To download Randall’s latest releases visit: https://jrandallmurphy.bandcamp.com/

Our Consulting Producer -- Tim BeckleyWe Are Sad to Report on the Passing of Timothy Green Beckley During his lifetime, Tim was described as the Hunter Thompson of UFOlogy. Since an early age his life has more or less revolved around the paranormal. His grandfather saw the apparition of a headless horseman. His life was saved by invisible beings around the age of three. The house he was raised in was thought to be haunted. Beckley also underwent out of body experiences at age six. He saw his first of three UFOs when he was but ten, and has had two more sightings since – including an attempt to communicate with one of these objects.

Tim grew up listening to the only all night talk show in the country that revolved around the strange and unexplained. Long John Nebel’s guests included the early UFO contactees who claimed to have visited other planets and built time machines in the desert. Tim was fascinated by everything that went bump in the night – or even in the daylight for that matter. Years later, Tim was to appear on Long John’s show numerous times and over the years has been a frequent guest on hundreds of programs which have come and gone just like ghosts in the night.

Tim started his career as a writer early on – at age 14 he purchased a mimeograph machine and started putting out a small UFO newsletter. Over the years he has written over 25 books on everything from rock music to the secret MJ-12 papers. He has been a stringer for the national tabloids such as the Enquirer and editor of over 30 different magazines (most of which never lasted more than a couple of issues). Tim will be missed.

Our Announcer -- Bob ZanottiBob Zanotti (Announcer) Bob Zanotti got interested in UFO’s back in the 50’s as a pre-teen. What got him started was Max B. Miller’s book “Flying Saucers – Fact or Fiction”.

Bob and Gene Steinberg became friends in the 1960’s when Bob hosted a New York college radio talk show called “Coffee Klatsch”, which was devoted to the offbeat and the paranormal. Gene was a frequent guest on the show, as were Jim Moseley and other great names from the New York UFO group, including Dom Luchessi, Jack Robinson, August C. Roberts and Tim Beckley.

After broadcast journalism studies in New York and Montreal, Bob’s calling led him to Switzerland, where he was a full-time broadcast journalist and presenter at Swiss Radio International, Switzerland’s international shortwave station. During his 32 years with SRI, Bob also produced a number of features involving the paranormal and the esoteric.

Now in his 70’s and semi-retired, Bob continues his professional activity as the operator and editor of www.switzerlandinsound.com, which also contains a number of offbeat topics. There’s even an exclusive and very rare 52-minute-long interview in English with Billy Meier under “Interesting People”. Bob is also active as a voice-over artist, hence his announcements for The Paracast.

Bob is a firm believer in the existence of extraterrestrial life and that Earth has been and is still visited by ET, and that ET might actually be our creators. But he is open to other ideas, including the Multi-Dimensional Theory and the Time Traveler Theory.

Having said that, Bob also believes that many reports of UFOs are actually test aircraft or otherwise quite normal phenomena, not to mention hoaxes or wishful thinking.