How to bet on Hockey

Whether it’s the NHL or the Canadian Hockey league, there are plenty of betting opportunities today when it comes to Ice Hockey. If you intend to bet on hockey in the hope of making a profit, then you’ve got to get familiar with the types of Ice Hockey bets available. Let’s take a look at how to get started.

Money line bets

In hockey betting, you first need to understand what a money line is. This is the most popular bet when it comes to the NHL, and shows the amount you must wager in order to win $100.00, or the amount you would win on a bet of $100. The plus sign (eg Toronto Maple Leafs +100) shows which team is the underdog, whereas the minus sign indicates the favourite (e.g. New York Rangers -120). In the latter case, punters must wager $120 in order to win $100 on the New York Rangers. It’s actually simpler than it sounds: in order to win your moneyline bet, you need to have bet on the winning team!

Totals bets

Also known as Over/Under, a Totals bet involves wagering on the number of goals that will be scored. In this case, the sportsbook will display a number, which is usually between 5 and 6.5, and you would need to bet on whether the actual number of goals scored will be more (over) or less (under) than that number. 

Puck Line

Puck Line betting combines the money line with a point-spread. This is always indicated as plus or minus 1.5 goals together with a positive or negative return. The favorite to win is put at a disadvantage with -1.5 goals, whereas the underdog is given a plus value. For example, if the Toronto Maple Leafs are -1 ½ (+120) and the New York Rangers are +1 ½ goals (-140), this means that Toronto Maple Leafs (the favorites) have to win by 2 goals for bettors to win their wager. Then you would need to bet $140 to win $100 on the New York Rangers, whereas a bet of $100 on the Toronto Maple Leafs would get you $120 (the original bet plus your winnings).

Grand Salami

This is an Over/Under bet related to all games that take place on a certain day. The sportsbook sets a total by adding up all over/under odds for every game that day. Then, bettors will wager on whether the combined total of goals during those games will be less or more than the total set by the sportsbook.

Betting on Hockey from Canada

To get the best of Ice Hockey betting from Canada, we recommend joining an online sportsbook to benefit from a variety of betting options as well as live betting. You can also bet at a Canadian online casino that also offers betting markets on Ice Hockey – there are plenty of sites these days which combine their casino product with a sportsbook, and which welcome customers from all over the world