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Gambling and The Superstitions That Come With It

A big part of gambling is founded on luck, and that makes superstitions in the casino industry
quite common. Many gamblers become superstitious without even realising. It starts with small
things like wearing a certain shirt to improve the chances of winning an online poker game. Some
of the myths that various gamblers believe in may seem farfetched but whether they are true or
not is not a clearcut matter.

A Few Widely Held Superstitions

The use of number 7 to denote luck is an old tradition that dates back to ancient Asian culture. In
both Christianity and Buddhism, the number 7 is a symbol of good things, and in the Chinese
culture, it signifies the merging of Ying and Yang. Casinos have reinforced this superstition by
using slots where 7 features prominently like in Super Sevens and Lucky 7s. When playing online
at you can try out your luck in table games like roulette where you wager on

In Asian cultures, red symbolises good fortune, and that is why casinos use the colour so
generously to try to influence players. You can find a player wearing a red piece of clothing when
playing a favourite to increase the chances of cashing out big winnings. It is for the same belief
that rubbing the dice on a redhead’s head when playing craps is considered lucky. You can test out
the theory by picking red-themed games or playing lounges in an online casino to see how lucky
you get. Of course, it helps to have a winning strategy as well.

Another superstition is that when playing in a casino, one should dress neatly because the
Goddess of Fortune likes cleanliness. The Goddess of Fortune dates back to Ancient Rome, and she
was the force behind the wheel of Fortune. She determined how a person’s luck would turn out
hence, the need to impress her.

The superstitions associated with gambling are almost limitless with most being part of the
practice for aeons and others being coined by individuals to suit their needs.


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