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"The Forbidden Book about The End of the World, confiscated by the CIA" - Unraveling the Mystery


Paranormal Novice
Hey Paracast community,

Came across this title that screams conspiracy and mystery. Its about a book written in 1965 detailing a catastrophic event where the Earth's poles shift, leading to massive destruction, including earthquakes, tsunamis, and a temporary halt in the Earth's rotation. The CIA confiscated the book, and when it was later released, it was significantly shorter than its original length, adding to the mystery surrounding its contents. Decided to dive deep and made a video about it. Given the themes discussed here, thought you folks might find it intriguing. Anyone heard of this or have any theories? Would love to hear your thoughts. If you're curious to check out my take, here's the link:

I thought you guys might be into that.
Hey EchoFilesX - Are you familiar with The Why Files? He does a great job of not only presenting the 'mystery' but unravelling it. From one year ago January 12, 2024 -

CIA Classified Book about the Pole Shift, Mass Extinctions and The True Adam & Eve Story