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Shop News

NewLogo-GreyBlack-250-01b.pngAttention Artists - Don't Miss This Opportunity!


Are you one of our talented listeners? Do you know someone who is? We're launching a new cross-marketing initiative to help a limited number of artists feature their work while giving them some perks at the same time, all without it costing them a dime! This is simply one of the best cross marketing opportunities I've ever seen.

We'll be awarding free Paracast Plus memberships. Your designs will be featured on the Paracast Shop. We'll also feature them here on the forum too, plus give you a mention on the show! Best of all, you and your friends will be able to order all kinds of goodies with your artwork on it without having to setup your own store.


There are currently nine ( 3 ) openings. Red Pill Junkie and Myself already have featured designs. I will be personally handling the work on the backend to add member's designs to the catalog. All you need to do is submit the designs you'd like us to consider. Here is the basic criteria:
  • Designs need to be Original.
  • You have the option of theming the work to go with the theme of the show ( but it's not necessary ).
  • Designs need to be family friendly ( rated for all ages )
  • Minimum original ( not upscaled ) resolution is 2400 pixels per side at 200 DPI.
  • It can be taller or wider but not shorter or narrower.
  • Format is PNG ( transparency allowed ).
  • Your own brand logo might be allowed. It depends on the design.
  • Generally speaking, keep it clean, creative, and non-commercial ( not an advertisement ).

Your work needs to be original. Nobody else's copyright can be infringed upon. Once accepted, the copyright for your work will be considered shared between us ( yourself, Gene, and I ), meaning you still can do whatever you want with it yourself, and so can we, without restriction. That being said, being an artist myself, I respect people's work and can assure you that so long as I'm managing the collection, nobody's artwork will be used in a manner that I think is disrespectful to an artist or the work itself.

How To Participate

We aren't requiring any contracts to be signed, and this isn't considered to be a job. No commissions or anything else other than what's been mentioned above are part of this opportunity. It's simply a donation of a design for the cause where artists get exposure and a few perks in return. If you would like to join the initiative, respond in this forum with a link to your site and post up smaller images of the work you'd like us to consider. It's just that simple! The official store opening is June 24. Get your designs in before then!
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1623898375278.png The Original Artist For The Paracast

The little alien we are all familiar with is now part of our store collection. At present, details about the original artist have been obscured by the sands of time. Maybe they've even been abducted by aliens. We don't know. But what we do know is that you can get all kinds of goodies with the original design at The Paracast Shop !
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The shop is coming along great, better than anything we've offered before in over 15 years of The Paracast.

Don't hesitate.

Pay a visit to:

TGR Mug - Design by RandallThe Paracast Shop is now officially open! Check out some of the designs in the links above. Got any cool designs of your own you'd like to see in the store? Donate A Design! Free Paracast Plus memberships with accepted designs.

Your ideas & feedback are always welcome.
This thread is our official Customer Service & Shop News page.
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Is there a deadline?
No deadline, but they're making the file resolution requirements higher. So better make any designs at least 3K x 3K at 80 DPI. Also, I can only manage so many designs and artists, so if we get more people interested, there will eventually be a cutoff point. But you're the first to express interest, so it looks like you have lots of time.
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