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On the Show — Keith Linder

Gene Steinberg

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Keith Linder is an IT professional for a popular IT company in Seattle, WA. Originally from Austin TX, Keith moved to the Pacific Northwest to enhance his career and further his love for fishing, sports, football, basketball, the outdoors, and enjoy the wine country. In 2012 Keith and his girlfriend, Tina moved into a house in the suburb of Seattle. The bizarre phenomena they witnessed would change their lives forever.

The extreme ghostly activity started off when the Keith and his girlfriend heard what sounded to them like a child coughing, from there things escalated quickly to strange noises, doors slamming, apparitions, things disappearing and dangerous fires. The paranormal activity caught the attention of the Travel Channels’ Ghost Adventures, which dedicated an entire installment to the “Demons in Seattle.” But ghost-hunter Zak Bagans and his crew didn’t find any paranormal evidence and declared it all a hoax.

Keith eventually called in paranormal researcher Don Philips and British parapsychologist Steve Mera, who visited the house twice, spending several weeks and collecting extraordinary evidence. Most of that evidence can be seen in the documentary "Demons in Seattle Uncovered." www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAsPe63vWEY

Keith Linder ended up moving in 2016, but whatever was in the house, decided that they weren't finished with him yet.

"Some remnants from the Bothell house followed me to the new house. I call them minions. I did an experiment in my new place, a four-month experiment where I captured some of the pulsating, breathing and heartbeats coming from my mattress and bed pillow. It’s the best scientific video on my YouTube channel."

Keith is author of the books "The Bothell Hell House: Poltergeist of Washington State," "Attachments: Poltergeist of Washington State Part 2," and "Poltergeist - The Night Side of Physics."

YouTube: www.youtube.com/@KeithLdemonsinseattle

Our cohost this week: Tim Swartz.

Recording Date (including After The Paracast):
Thursday, February 1 at at 3:00 PM Mountain (5:00 PM Eastern)

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Broadcast and Streaming Date:
February 4, 2024