time travel

  1. Thomas R Morrison

    Time, Time Travel, and Closed Timelike Curves

    These time-related topics came up in The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis : Fact and Fallacy thread because I think it’s likely that most ufos are genuine spacetime vehicles. If they’re exploiting a gravitational field propulsion system, which very much appears to be the case, then that’s spacetime...
  2. drewc

    Amazing crop circle formations

    Many people believe that crop circles are far too complex and have too many abnormalities to be manmade. Whatever the truth is about them, I think that they are an amazing and unique artistic genre and I have produced a video compilation showing many of the most awesome crop circles, snow...
  3. Frank Fresh

    Nutley NJ Bridge Time Slip Incident

    NUTLEY BRIDGE TIME SLIP EVENT: This is a true Time Slip story that happened to my son 17 and my daughter 19, at the time in 2014 in New Jersey. At this time they were living with their mother (my ex) in Fairfield, NJ, and one day they were driving to visit me at my apartment in Lyndhurst, NJ...