greg bishop

  1. Paul Kimball

    Haunted Extra, Vol. 1.01 - Queen's County Museum Revisited

    The first episode of Haunted Extra, an ad hoc compilation of bonus materials for the series Haunted. Here is the synopsis: Haunted co-hosts Paul Kimball and Dillon Garland discuss their trip to the 2017 East Coast Paraconference in Liverpool, NS, where they got the opportunity to re-visit the...
  2. Paul Kimball

    2017 East Coast Paraconference - Remote Viewing Panel

    I had the pleasure of helping to organize the 3rd annual East Coast Paraconference in Liverpool, Nova Scotia this past weekend, which included bringing my DOP Dillon Garland along to film the proceedings. Here is the first video from the event, the Saturday morning panel featuring Greg Bishop...
  3. Paul Kimball

    Binnall, Gulyas, Bishop & Kimball on Radio Misterioso

    My good friend Greg Bishop has posted the episode of Radio Misterioso he recorded live here in Halifax back in August with Tim Binnall, Aaron Gulyas, and yours truly. You can listen here. The write-up: "After the wonderful East Coast Paraconference, Paul Kimball put us up for one night in a...
  4. Paul Kimball

    The Other Side of Truth returns... Ask Greg Bishop

    I'll be recording a new episode of The Other Side of Truth podcast (the first new one since 2013) with my good friend Greg Bishop on Tuesday, which will be available only to Paracast+ subscribers. If anyone has questions or topics in particular that they would like us to cover, feel free to post...