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    August 5, 2018 — Walter Bosley with J. Randall Murphy

    No but I'll look for it. Do you have a link? If not, I'll just search it. Thanks!
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    Pentagon UFO Study - Media Monitoring

    Randolph Sweety, I had a response but you're just not worth it. :D
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    Pentagon UFO Study - Media Monitoring

    I predict a witness will soon come forth revealing more details about the Dulce LAX video and its association to the Navy's ASSWIPE program.
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    Pentagon UFO Study - Media Monitoring

    MAYBE. Folks have got to reconsider this assumption that all pilots are briefed in on everything they encounter (despite the publicly expressed c0cksurety of fighter jocks...). A useful part of testing would include some pilots being unaware of what exactly they're encountering.
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    Ask Greg Bishop

    Ask Greg: "WHY, GREG? WHY??"
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    We remember Brad Steiger with Jerry Clark, Don Ecker and Kevin Randle

    Back in '08-'09, I was doing a free monthly e-zine, Lost Continent Library Magazine, and tried my hand at a paranormal entertainment e-zine which I titled Phantom Stream , also offered free to readers. We only did one issue (though I'd like to do more). Brad gladly contributed an article and I...
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    Phil Imbrogno "Dr MIT" like Dracula, is BACK!

    Ultimately, it's kind of sad that Imbrogno is actually hoping to get back onto the scene. But what he did cannot be forgotten. It's not like he was simply wrong about something, or that others were misidentifying him, he willfully lied about himself. It's also not like some people are...
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    Phil Imbrogno "Dr MIT" like Dracula, is BACK!

    Joshua Cutchin just had a less than enjoyable experience with McConnell. As regards Imbrogno, he will only come back to the degree the audience accepts him. I would think he'd try a pseudonym and not bother doing interviews or appearances.
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    Your Paracast Newsletter — March 25, 2018

    "Indeed, an ideal team up on the show would be two former Air Force intelligence officers, Doty and Walter Bosley. I’m not at all sure if they know each other or would have any interest in a joint appearance, but I’m certainly curious enough to see where the idea might lead — or not." I...
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    We Got Him!: Ask Richard Doty!

    "Needs to tell"? LOL Good luck with that. :D
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    We Got Him!: Ask Richard Doty!

    The forum is gonna be interesting with this one. :D
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    Ask Joshua Cutchin

    Cool! Thanks!
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    Ask Joshua Cutchin

    Dang. My questions were actually relevant. The buckwheat pancakes were offered to Joe Simonton in his UFO encounter and they may have an origin in fairy encounters. Since Joshua has connected Sasquatch to fairy sightings, I was curious about this. The Erl King's daughters being twins could also...
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    Ask Joshua Cutchin

    Does Sasquatch offer buckwheat pancakes to abductee guests? Are the Erl King's pale daughters twins? Is fairy glamoury linked to the musical scale?
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    From The NY Times: The Pentagon's Secret UFO Program

    How did I get mixed up in this? :D