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USI Calgary
Aug 15, 2010
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USI Calgary

J. Randall Murphy, from Calgary Canada

    1. TDSR
      Randall, it seems Gene has his attention elsewhere for good reason. Hopefully the show "must go on"? Is there a forum or conversation going about introducing potential guests to the show?
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      2. USI Calgary
        USI Calgary
        Given some of the correspondence I've been privy too between Gene and Chris, I no longer feel confident at this time that I'm doing the right thing by continuing to be involved with the Paracast. I've thanked them both for the past opportunities and wished them both well in the future. I don't see me being involved again for the foreseeable future. This will probably delight some and disappoint others.
        Apr 4, 2018
    2. Lou_Sheehan
      I THOUGHT I heard the Canadian 'accent' in your voice. lucky you to be living there.
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      2. USI Calgary
        USI Calgary
        Thanks for the comment! Can I ask where you're located?
        Oct 9, 2017
    3. Thomas R Morrison
      Thomas R Morrison
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      2. USI Calgary
        USI Calgary
        Oct 8, 2017
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    4. technomage
      Why, oh why, did you change your forum name? Ufology and you are almost synonymous!
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      2. USI Calgary
        USI Calgary
        I changed my screen name because I felt that it would work better when referring to my Question Bank questions, and also when something I might post on the forum becomes a point of contention e.g.

        "Someone dared to post a picture of Jacques Vallée with a pie in the face!"
        "Sacrilege! Who did that?"
        "You know. The Usual Suspect"

        lol ... you know all the trouble I get in around here ;-)
        Dec 22, 2016
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    5. Pierre
      You seem like an expert on the subject of ufo's and you have some very interesting views. Ever think about starting your own podcast? I would definitely listen!
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      2. USI Calgary
        USI Calgary
        Thank you for the kind comment. I was thinking about creating a podcast and forum before before Gene and Chris joined USI, but they're doing a great job, and supporting our members is more important than me being in the spotlight all the time. I did appear on the Paracast along with a couple of other forum members though. It was very enjoyable and I would be happy to go on the show again any time I was asked.
        Sep 5, 2013
    6. Mystery-Student
      I was happy to see you were on the paracast, I really enjoyed the listener round-table. thanks for your thoughts and for being on the show.
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    7. Jabbermocky
      As we are in the same neck of the woods, I thought I would drop a line just to say hi!

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