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    What Kind of Car Do You Drive?

    1. Acura RL, 2004, 150,000 miles, drives like a new car 2. 2007 Silverado Duramax Diesel.
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    Don Ecker: December 29, 2013

    The position of the British is conspicuously absent from your rendition. It was British intelligence that unequivocally claimed there were WMD in Iraq. Also, politics played a huge role in determining whether or not WMD were present. For example, US forces found artillery shells designed for...
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    Richard Smoley

    You know, umm, uhh, I'm, you know, guessing here, but, umm, you know, I, umm, doubt that, you know, he has ever been on, you know, a, umm, surfboard.
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    Richard Smoley

    It was, you know, an interesting, you know, show covering, you know, a bunch of, you know, topics. I enjoyed his stance on, you know, Atlantis, in that, you know, there's no reason to invoke the, you know, paranormal to, you know, explain it.
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    Ed Komarek episode

    Good Lord. My ears hurt.
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    June 17, 2012: A.D. After Disclosure

    This is a personal point of view. I'm not trying to argue with anyone. I believe that most religious people can accept ET just fine, even fundamentalists. Some fundamentalists may think of ET in terms of demons, but they are nuts. They are already nuts. If ET shows up, they'll still be nuts...
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    June 10 with JC Johnson

    " I mean why don't we just travel to Jerusalem and build a casino on the spot they believe was Golgotha and name it "The Three Holes" casino? " Funny you should suggest that site. Because there is something already there. I was in Jerusalem last year and saw Golgotha, the rock that looks like...
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    March 18, 2012 — Curt Sutherly

    There was a comment a few minutes in regarding Maury Island, which the guest said had become a peninsula though it had been an island. Gene replied, "But there's no global warming." This is completely inaccurate. Maury Island is a "peninsula" to Vashon Island and always has been, at least in...
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    January 8, 2012 - Nicholas Redfern

    Chris, it's the Island of Dr. Moreau and the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari--just so you know...
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    Keep the guests on topic

    Well, I duplicated Gary's search of Moseley. Indeed, in seconds I found the index entry on Google that says, "He has exposed UFO hoaxers and perpetrated fraud in his career and, ..." Wow! I guess that just says it, doesn't it? We can just stop right there and realize that Google index entries...
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    I had know Idea

    Let me get this straight. You are a complete newbie to the Paracast. You heard about Emma Woods on the show. otherwise you never would have heard of her. You then took it upon yourself to read up on Emma Woods both here and on Paratopia where you have evidently drunk the Kool Aid. And your...
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    July 31, 2011 Show

    Where did you find this guy and what does he have to offer? His new UFO institute is 2 weeks old. It’s a blog with four articles on it. He has written less than a dozen papers and self-published them on the web, wanting about $20 for each in one place. One of them is “In-Praise of the...
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    Colin Bennett - June 12, 2011

    I found Mr. Bennett largely incoherent, not only in his speech, but also in his subject matter, which seemed to change in mid-sentence. I don't think this was simply an accent issue as I understood Nick Redfern (and Nick Pope) perfectly.
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    Man slams into rock slide

    Liar. I've seen them all over London and on the train from Bath. I know for a fact there's a set over at Longleat. Oh, wait....that's the Marquess himself!
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    Could this be the END of RELIGIONS as we know them ?

    David, may God rest his soul, banned the bye bye atheists guy in a heartbeat. One could justify the same thing here. My guess is this is the author trolling for CD sales, but it does provide a certain entertainment value. Choice is with you guys. I am your servant.