There are a lot of definitions of IQ however there is no one which is worldwide accepted. The best and most used definition is that it is what an IQ test assesses. This is not a very good definition however there've never been a better one. There are a lot of aspects of intelligences. Each kind of IQ test assesses only one or some of them at a certain point in time. As reporting IQ test scores, folks are likely to forget about the SD (standard deviation). This is actually the variance around the average/mean. An IQ test score can really vary by approximately + or - 15 points from what measured. For example, in case your score from a certain IQ test is 100 so that your real IQ score may range from 85 to 115. Yes - it can be anywhere between 85 and 115! Therefore you need to take SD into account.
Mar 11, 1990 (Age: 32)