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    Thoughts/Dreams Coming True

    I totally forgot I posted about this. Nothing has calmed down 8 years later. I just forget to write everything down or keep tabs on it. Latest incident was today: I was listening to my Pandora Radio station today at work (Epic Rap Battles of History) and a Linkin Park song comes on. That...
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    Been gone for awhile.

    Hello all, I never really posted much in the forums. Just about a few odd things that have happened to me when I was younger and some odd things over the years. I finally found my I-pod again, it's been over a year or so. I'd like to start listening again but not waste time on some useless...
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    Thoughts/Dreams Coming True

    It's nice to know that I'm not the only one that has these odd things happening to them. My wife informed me of a few other small ones that I have forgotten, but don't look at them as a big deal. I just find it hard to tell some people, because they think I'm nuts. First thing that comes out...
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    Thoughts/Dreams Coming True

    I have just started listening to the podcasts and checked out the forums and found this discussion which seems perfect to post my strange personal experiences. I have 3 weird/unexplainable to me happenings in the past 10 years. I'm sure there have been more, I just don't remember them all...