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    Whitley Strieber's next book

    SP is a real pain in the ass (no pun). I've had the experience many times since my teens. Some few have involved the sensation that something dangerous is in the room. Of that small number, some have involved the perception of figures nearby. Most of them have involved a sensation of being...
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    Real Help, and Advice.

    Great link! Some would say that the 'phenomena' caused the creation of these TV shows...others that the shows created the perception of the phenomena. :D
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    Whitley Strieber's next book

    Archie, in recent posts on this subject, you've been like Jeckyll and Hyde. Prior to the the 'abduction' debate, your posts have been pleasant and thoughtful. Since then, on this subject, you've attacked anyone who's expressed a difference of opinion. 'Mentally ill,' 'lying through their teeth,'...
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    Questions for Col. John Alexander?

    In Vallee's 'Revelations,' he writes about the 'Gulf Breeze Six.' In 1990, six alleged US Army intel guys went AWOL from their base in Germany and were inadvertently busted for a traffic misdemeanor in Gulf Breeze, Florida. It'd be interesting to see if he can add more to the account.
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    Questions for the 5th Anniversary Show?

    I guess that the standard and expected route would be to consider and re-evaluate what's happened in ufology over these 5 years. Apart from the current 'alien abduction' debacle, there hasn't been much really. Maybe some questions about 'where' the guests were in 2007 relating to their ideas...
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    Whitley Strieber's next book

    In an odd way, I find Walton believable. His interviews sound sincere and he hasn't embellished the hell out of it all in the intervening years. What he described in the following months is what he describes today. Also, if one of the alleged witnesses came forward and torpedoed his ass, they...
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    The Secrets of Schröteri Crater

    Good find. The rotation makes all the difference and it really does appear to be some vehicle. When Z launched his thread, all I could see was an unusual crater at the end of a rille and left it at that. There aren't many 'lunar anomalies' that look very anomalous to me, but this could be one...
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    Budd Hopkins Responds to His Critics

    The opening comments of his rebuttal seek to dismiss his detractors as 'debunkers.' In this subject, the tag of 'debunker' suggests a defensive agenda or knee-jerk refusal to entertain the evidence. Hopkins spends some time persuading us that Rainey and others are 'debunkers.' Indeed, it's...
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    Whitley Strieber's next book

    What's Randle's ideology?
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    Whitley Strieber's next book

    Paul Kimball interviewed Kevin Randle for his blog The Other Side of Truth. One part is dedicated to the subject of 'alien abduction' and I think you'll enjoy it. It's a 'right click' away... The podcast archive is...
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    I don't do gurus!

    That's a lot to chew on in one OP and brings us right down to the nitty gritty of the origins of life. The linked articles are thought-provoking. I enjoy reading these kind of ideas to see how others are trying to make sense of it all. Lanza makes a lot out of the unknown origins of the...
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    Back in Biz ... I think?!??!

    I've been listening to your Tim Beckley interview today and it's great stuff. For some reason, the shows that dig deep into the history of the UFO zines and groups always catch my attention. Back in the earlier days of UFO research, it seems much clearer than now. It's like they had an...
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    Best Evidence: Top 10 UFO Sightings

    I like the film for being distinctly non-hysterical in tone and as one of the small number in the genre to steer clear of dramatic music. With our great friend hindsight, is there anything you would change in the film? Will the upcoming enhanced version include new information, different...
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    Kean Train Keeps on Rolling

    It's working fine. Thanks for doing that. :D