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    Interesting ATS post

    The subject of public's interest in UFOs is important and I tried to start such a discussion in "The UFO forum" a few moinths ago. As I wrote in the past, the public seems to have a curiosity in UFOs, but overall interest is very superficial. Thanks to RonCollins for providing the Google...
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    On Dark Matters Forum

    Decker, I'm only trying to be helpful, because the issue of ISP costs related to bandwidth has been raised quite often in these forums. I would offer a similar suggestion if someone was e.g. scanning old newspaper UFO clippings at 2400dpi and 48-bit color.
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    On Dark Matters Forum

    Hi Decker, I noticed you are encoding the MP3 files you've uploaded at CD-quality 192Kbps 44.1KHz stereo. If your shows are mostly (only?) human voice (no music) and predominantly male voice, one suggestion I would like to offer, would be to encode your sound files at lower rates. Perhaps the...
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    Piracy: A Silent Plague on Ufology (A Knell Exposé)

    While I agree that Knell's practices should be condemned, IMHO the real plague on Ufology is what seems to be a declining interest in UFOs among the general public and the younger generations in particular. PS: I tried to open such a discussion a few days ago in Public's interest in UFOs...
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    Public's interest in UFOs (TV/Radio/Books/Magazines)

    Request to moderators: Is it possible to move the posts related to the Zamora / Soccoro case to a different, more appropriately named thread? Going back to this thread's subject of public interest in UFOs, as suggested by the success (or lack thereof) of TV / Radio / magazines etc dealing with...
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    Bildeburg Group Documentary

    Actually this documentary is called "David Icke, The Lizards and the Jews" was shown about a decade ago. Despite the abdsurdity of his ideas, I think Ronson portrays Icke rather positively (most people are sympathetic to the underdog). Note that David Icke's 2+ hrs long interview by Camelot...
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    Public's interest in UFOs (TV/Radio/Books/Magazines)

    Schuyler, since you brought up MUFON, IMHO more indicators that there is a downturn in UFO interest not only among the general public, but even at the "core" of UFO enthousiasts are e.g. the overall quality of the MUFON Journal from 1990s to recent years (in 2007, MUFON and TheBlackVault...
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    Public's interest in UFOs (TV/Radio/Books/Magazines)

    I remember Peter Jennings saying in his 2005 ABC TV UFO Special that Art Bell's show once was the 4th most popular show in US radio. Based on stats I've seen, I assume that would translate into several millions of listeners, perhaps up to 10M or more. Fast forward today, I see a picture where...
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    Conference Notes

    Thanks Unky for the great recap. What you are described is very disappointing. It's not just the elderly demographics of the audience. As far as I could tell from the "teasers" uploaded on Youtube, some of the presentations themselves were rather un-impressive. Starting with the best news: I...
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    Name some Bonafide Reports & reporters please.

    Rowdy, if you have "researched the UFO subject for years", as you wrote, and ended up in the middle of nowhere, I doubt anyone could really help you. I do think however, that the UFO field is so polluted, that depending on one's starting point, one can easily spend 100+ hours reading books and...
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    UFOs: what do we really know?

    Xylo, I wouldn't say that the UFO field is full of hoaxsters, speculation and supposition. I personally like to make the distinction between "promoters" and "researchers". Nearly all of the exaggerated claims come from the former group, who by the nature of their trade try to get as much media...
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    Okay... George Knapp, good guy or bad guy?

    The co-writer Colm Kelleher holds a PhD in biochemistry. When I started looking into the UFO subject a few years ago, I did devote some time reading most of the material at NIDSCI website (which incidentally has been wiped clean a month or so ago). With the exception of NIDSCI hosting some...
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    trying to find a good UFO documentary

    WRT the Nov-2007 NPC event (Kean/Fox) etc Gareth mentioned, you can try going to UFO Disclosure events and witness testimonies
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    Credible vs. Clown list needed

    I did in my post above, and have to of course include Robert Hastings (UFOs and Nukes), Ted Phillips and many others. I also try to see the best in people, e.g. James McCampbell, who was MUFON's Science Director for many years. My current opinion is that he was quite wrong in many of his...
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    Credible vs. Clown list needed

    Sorry for the Off-topic (but can't seem to find a "suggestions" thread)... I wonder if it would be possible to upload each week's podcast earlier, e.g. on Saturdays, rather than late Sundays as it seems to be the case currently (which means that people from Australia, Asia and Europe will get...