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    My experiences

    Please,please do share more of your experiances, I too believe paranormal phenomena are inter-connected. So far what you wrote about is very Intresting. I would love to hear more!:)
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    High Strangeness in Montauk, NY

    Yes! I heard that machinery hum too, could never quite place it. There are tunnels there too most have caved in, or were filled in. The place was "odd" I've done some expolring of abandoned sites and this place still felt "off" I found it odd to believe that the Government or the Air Force...
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    High Strangeness in Montauk, NY

    As a life long Long Islander (lawng Ilander) Acutualy there were No Tresspassing signs, but at the time montauk was a much more wild place than it is now. I know the place, went down that same road. Usually if you meet anyone they were State of NY employees, who drove around in 10 year old...