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    Hi Gene! I tried to respond to our original thread from last year but I must have done something...

    Hi Gene! I tried to respond to our original thread from last year but I must have done something wrong. I've upgraded to plus for another year. Thanks so much for all you do!
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    Nick Redfern Reveals the Conspiracy Behind the Conspiracies

    I just have one question... How do you do it!! :) You're a frick'n machine! Do you have a team of shadow people interns helping you keep up with all the different articles and book projects? Seriously, though there has to be some kind of method to your madness of keeping so many projects going...
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    Phoenix Mars Probe Succeeds!

    When the image is enlarged, it doesn't look real. I mean, it doesn't look like a real object would at that distance. The bottom of the artifact is very fuzzy and the top is much sharper. It doesn't fit in with how the rest of the horizon is "focused". If it's not a real object on the...
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    Phoenix Mars Probe Succeeds!

    Are they already trying to blurr artifacts on the Mars surface??? Take a look at the top right picture of the mosaic... Looks like a white pole or something sticking out of the ground. The funny thing is that it looks to be touched up...
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    At What Age Did You Become Interested in UFOs?

    Let's see, I'm 43 now so I remember the watching the apollo missions on a B/W TV... I grew up watching 'Land of the Giants' (1968-70), 'UFO' (1970-71), 'Lost in Space' (1965-68), 'The Time Tunnel' (1966-67)... I really don't remember a time when I wasn't interested in UFOs... My first memories...
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    Steiger on Atlantis

    Here's something new I ran across that I found very interesting... Since it's a cigar-shape UFO I thought I'd share... There are a lot more USO accounts at ****** In December, 1997, a massive craft was seen emerging from the sea...