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    Larry Warren on DMR-Dec. 15th

    A brilliant episode-one of my favs, too, Constance. I have spoken with several vets from my gene ratio that have shared their personal experiences in the 60's and 70's involving discovering that they had had 'previous lives' (in this life) involving assassinations and other ops for our govt...
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    Finally! a UFO caught on tape

    Thirdphaseofthemoon strikes again!!
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    Just a thanks..

    Likewise, DS
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    A film "heads up"

    Check out "The Forgotten" with Julianne Moore. It's good storytelling.
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    High Strangeness in the California Desert

    My apologies, Tyger, My remarks began as an attempt at humor, but conveyed it rather weakly. Personally I welcome stories like these, they re fun, and I like hearing them-makes me think outside the box a bit. Having had my own share of high strangeness experiences, I am willing to entertain...
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    High Strangeness in the California Desert

    Sheesh, Tyger, When you say one must look at intents and purpose you remind me of the satirical scene in The Princess Bride where Wallace Shawn tries to figure out if he's holding the poisoned wine glass. Tooo many machinations with too many assumptions and then the dismissive reference to human...
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    What does Russia and Rummy have in common ??

    Spooky, is that you? I didn't realize...He's another anachronism, writhing in the throes of a failed vision of Empire. Exit, stage (exteme) right. They fought to become the thing they fought...
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    The Brain Does NOT Create Consciousness

    This acknowledgement is evidence that you are in fact 'just getting cooking." Keep'cooking' and eventually you will get there, and we'll be waiting to greet you...
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    What Kind of Car Do You Drive?

    I leased a 2012 VW cc about two and a half years ago and I gotta say, it's a great ride. With the 2.0 turbo it has plenty of torque all the way through the gear box and believe me, I like to play on the canyon roads here. Very refined and predictable handling for a front wheel drive setup-with...
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    name for Rich's new dog!

    Then I could write Po&Richard's Almanac, documenting the on going saga of the endless ways Po, as others of his species, care for and train their human pets.
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    name for Rich's new dog!

    Great shot, Don-that's our newbie-105 pounds of fun! Zeus, Titan, Blue, Optimus(Prime), Chewbaca are some of the names in the running round here. I like Zeus too, we'll see how the four of us finally decide...
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    Gulf Breeze and Other Questions for Dr. Bruce Maccabee

    Sadly, no. I just didn't anticipate a repeat performance. What struck me is how quickly everyone let it curiosity, nuthin!
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    Gulf Breeze and Other Questions for Dr. Bruce Maccabee

    About three years ago, my family and some of my brother's family spent a week in Destin which is not far frone evening we were all gathered in one of the beach front condos with a huge balcony for a potluck dinner. Mason, my neice's ten year old son pointed out to the gulf and exclaimed, "What's...