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    The Website AboveTopSecret

    I haven't been there in a long time. Too many woo woos.
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    I disabled my Facebook account today...

    FB has put me in touch with soooo many people I haven't seen in years. It's great. Just be careful about some of the fishin attempts, I guess it's called. Certain apps can give you viruses or spyware etc.
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    Abduction surveillance

    It has. DB posted a documentary with it in it. It's a "ghost" case.
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    I disabled my Facebook account today...

    I've killed mine briefly before. But then I figured out how to hide people, so I just mute those who annoy me. You need to keep yours up. You have quite a few nice lookin hotties you're friends wif:)
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    remote veiwer challange

    We've done a challenge before here. It was with photos/images though. One guy did well imo. One person did not. Anyway, good luck with your idea. Hope something becomes of it. BTW. Was that experiment that was done I am referring to, ever get any air time? Curious what was said about it. If so...
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    Sylvia Browne Busted on 911 Death.

    I think she is sexy
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    Chinese Farmer claims he had sex with alien

    i want to have sex with a pancake PS. Hi Jakey.
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    Food for thought...

    I haven't read replies yet, so not sure if others have made the points I am about to make. If they have, pardon the echo. I seek to know and not believe. Whether or not something is undeniable depends on the observer. So long as you have people that haven't experienced certain things, some...
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    Unknown Humanoid Captured w/ FLIR

    I think being skeptical is the best way to be about anything so called paranormal, or more on point, cryptozoological. Don't believe or disbelieve. Wonder, and question until a given case's evidence is worthy of a conclusion. Most aren't and that's the rub. The thermal imaging in the vid doesn't...
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    Unknown Humanoid Captured w/ FLIR

    Luring with candy!? WTF is this, ET? ---------- Post added at 09:27 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:22 PM ---------- By paranormal, what do you mean? Bleed through from another dimension? Ghost? If so, I can't take that seriously. If it were anything like that, Bigfoots would be seen...
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    Abduction surveillance

    Other than silliness? No. Nothing comes to mind at least. But there are some heavy christians I'm sure you could find that will disagree. Especially the ones that think greys are demons. BOO! I jokingly suggest, when this issue comes up, that the greys may leave when they see someone start...
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    Abduction surveillance

    That is something I've been trying to do for years without success. No abductees near me that I know of. I've been trying with a few people online via webcam, but no takers yet. One of my biggest frustrations is the LACK of interest in doing this sort of thing. It has been done before though...
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    Happy Birthday Gareth & all

    Happy Birthday/Happy Halloween Gareth (in case you missed it at FB:)
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    Video Games

    There was a free shooter game called Area 51 floating around the net a couple years ago. It may still be out there. The Air Force (or army etc.) used it to get new recruits. You just had to watch an ad at the beginning and maybe upon exiting the game. Marilyn Manson and David D. from X-files do...