Why Online Casino Gaming Will Take Over In 2021

Online casino gaming is poised to establish dominance in the gaming sector in 2021, with brands such as barbados bingo continuing to expand. While the popularity of online casino gaming has been skyrocketing ever since its inception back in the 90s, we think 2021 is the year it finally takes hold. Online casino revenue numbers in the billions each year, with some estimates suggesting that online casinos make around $19m every day. It’s not looking likely that online casino revenue is going to slow anytime soon, and it’s not hard to see why; online casinos offer an extremely attractive alternative to physical casinos. Here’s why we think online casino gaming will take over in 2021.

Lots of platforms

Just like land-based casinos, there are several different online casino platforms to choose from. Unlike their physical counterparts, however, the number of online casinos is limited only by bandwidth and not real-world space. This means you’ve got millions upon millions of different online casino portals to choose from, each of which offers a range of different games, bonuses, and beginner welcome offers. If you want our humble opinion, you should click here to visit the very best of them; the platform we’ve linked here has plenty of games and an excellent reputation, so if you’re looking to start your online casino journey, there’s nowhere better.

Uncertain times

Right now, the global pandemic is still unfortunately having a serious effect on many countries and communities. While that’s the case, the future of physical casinos is in doubt. Not only are many governments telling land-based stores and entertainment venues to shut, but also people might not want to go due to uncertainty around safety. Online casinos don’t have this problem; you can simply open your favourite web browser and be playing your preferred casino game within seconds, without needing to leave your home or even the comfort of your sofa. During these uncertain times, online casinos provide stability if you’re looking to take a flutter.


As we’ve hinted at above, online casinos are simply a more convenient prospect than their physical alternatives. You don’t need to leave your home, pay for public transport, or worry about incurring fuel costs if you’re looking to play online casino games. All you need to do is open up your web browser. In fact, you don’t even need to fire up your PC or laptop if you don’t want to; you can play online casino games right from your smartphone or tablet. There’s nothing quite like a cosy evening with a cup of cocoa and a friendly game of slots or poker. That’s why online casinos are a more attractive proposition than land-based casinos; they require no effort to visit!


There’s a popular misconception that online casinos aren’t secure, and that your money isn’t safe with them. While this certainly may be true of some of the less scrupulous options, the vast majority of online casinos have incredible security protocols. After all, an online casino is only going to garner a bad reputation for itself if it plays fast and loose with customers’ money. These platforms want to keep your business, and the best way to do that is to offer a reputable, reliable service. You’ll find top-level encryption and payment protection on the best online casino platforms, so don’t settle for anything other than first place; it’s your money on the line, after all.


Online casinos are able to offer a significantly increased level of variety over traditional land-based casinos. A physical casino is limited by the space in which it exists; there’s only so much physical space in which to fit blackjack tables or slot machines. Online casinos, however, don’t need to worry about this. That means they can offer lots of different games and variations on classic casino favourites without worrying about drawing in punters. Looking to play Pai Gow poker or Sic-Bo? A land-based casino might not offer that opportunity, but we can guarantee that online casino platforms will accommodate that wish.

International options

In many countries around the world, casino gaming is outlawed. Several other countries prohibit the establishment of native casinos, but don’t stop their inhabitants from gambling. In these latter countries, online casinos afford an excellent opportunity to gamble. Citizens of those countries are unlikely to want to board a plane (especially now) and fly to a country that does allow gambling establishments to be set up, but they could easily just check out an online casino platform from a different country. In this way, online casinos provide a service that’s literally impossible for their land-based cousins; they allow international citizens to gamble safely and easily.

Withdrawal options

Though physical casinos do often offer different withdrawal options, you’re frequently limited by the currency of the country in which you’re playing. However, online casinos don’t need to worry about this. Many online casino platforms have diverse withdrawal methods including regular bank payments, cryptocurrency, and PayPal. This is another excellent boon for international customers, as they may not wish to receive their payouts in US dollars or UK pound sterling, for example. It’s also great for those who take security seriously; by ensuring the casino isn’t taking your bank details, you can enjoy increased peace of mind.

For these reasons, and many others, we believe that the profile of online casinos is only going to increase and become more prevalent in 2021. Are you playing any online casino games right now? Which ones are your favourites?