When casino games become work 

There’s no denying Norsk casino games are exhilarating to play, no matter what game you choose to play, the same can be said for the vast majority of casino games: they give players a real buzz! The anticipation of the game can be one of the best things about gambling, whether you choose to play classic casino tables games like roulette or poker or if you prefer to play video slots or traditional slots, the thrill of gambling can be a brilliant feeling.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to not only enjoy these games in your spare time but to be immersed in this exhilarating atmosphere full-time as your profession? Many players have perhaps dreamed of being a professional gambler, but there are other ways that you can play at your favourite casinos for hours on end, every day of the week without the high risk that comes with being a professional gambler. You’ll even get paid for the privilege of playing! In the life of a casino dealer, you could live and breathe casino games and not have to worry about paying the price for losing!

A day in the life of a casino dealer

You will have no doubt seen many casino dealers, or croupiers as they are often known in land-based casinos as well as seeing them in live casinos too. It certainly looks like they’re living the dream and always seem very engaged in the game and look like they’re having a great time, and no doubt it is a very sociable and enjoyable job if you enjoy the atmosphere of a casino. However, that doesn’t underestimate how challenging the job is and how difficult it is to learn the job and be a good croupier. They need to have a specific skill set and have the right personality for the job of course, and if you have those things you’ll have what it takes to be a professional casino dealer. There are many different types of casino dealer too, so not all are the same and they each require unique skill sets. Some professional casino dealers also can earn a considerable amount of money in tips too, so it seems the perks of the job can be massive! Why do people tip the dealer? Some countries just have a tipping culture, American, for example, it is deemed appropriate to tip those who work in both the entertainment and the hospitality industry like waiting staff, hotel staff and casino dealers aren’t an exception to this social customer. However, some players are also superstitious and this is why they tip the dealer for good luck as well as if a dealer deals you a winning hand, players often feel obliged to give them a tip as a “thank you!” – Despite the dealer having no personal bias when dealing the cards, of course!

What makes a good casino dealer?

Although there are various different types of casino dealers, but there are certain attributes that you must have to be successful in this field of work and this includes being friendly, courteous and bubbly to make players feel at ease whilst they’re playing as well as being committed to dedicating their energy to entertain those who are playing and engage players at their table – the key ingredient is passion for the job and the gambling industry as a whole. Another thing all casino dealers will need to possess to be successful is being able to effectively is to work well under pressure and remain completely focused on the task at hand – there’s no room for slip-ups in this fast-paced business as a high degree of accuracy is essential! This is because casino dealers need to concentrate for prolonged periods of time and perform mental maths quickly and accurately.

Can an introvert make it as a casino dealer?

Your first response might be “no way! You have to be sociable, loud, confident and outgoing to make it as a casino dealer!” This might be a little too presumptuous, as although introverts may not be as loud as extroverts and may prefer more intimate settings, there is still plenty room for introverts in this profession. Many introverts are very confident and able to enjoy a job in a social setting and can exercise quiet confidence and a winning smile, so just because they don’t shout the loudest doesn’t necessarily mean they wouldn’t be polite, entertaining and capable as a casino dealer. Once again, passion for the role and the gambling industry is key here, no matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert!

Real dealers at live casinos

A growing trend in dealers is a live dealer which are usually seen at some of the best online casinos and they are employed to give players’ a better, more realistic gambling experience online. This has been proven to work, with many players feeling more engaged in the game when there is a live dealer as well as feeling like they get a more sociable experience from gambling online when a live dealer is involved. The pros of this job are that unlike casino dealers in brick and mortar casinos, there is no real need for mental maths as the live dealer has the reliance of the computer to take care of the maths. This is great news for the online casino too, because this means human error is not a factor. 

Set sail with your dream casino dealer job!

If you’re looking to make casino makes your work and want to couple your passion for gambling with your love of travelling, you could consider a career as a cruise ship casino dealer and take in the sights! This gives you the chance to travel the globe and see places you could only dream of visiting – this would certainly save you a fair amount on the cost of flights and you will be getting paid for the privilege! This is not only one of the best-paid types of casino dealer job, but the perks are far superior too.