What is the Average Pay-out Rate in Online Slot Games?

Whenever we play at Wizard Slots, we always do our research to find out which games offer the most bang for our buck! Sometimes we choose the most fun games or the games with the most features, but usually we simply want to play a game that has a high pay-out rate! If you’re new to slots it can be hard to know what to look for – what is the average pay-out rate in online slot games and what should I be aiming for? Read on to find out – we’re going to be taking a look at:

          What is RTP%

          Classic online slots

          Progressive online slots

Understanding RTP%

In the slot industry there is a term that is used to describe the pay-out rate of an online slot game, and this is called the RTP%. It stands for ‘return to player’ and represents the average percentage of a player’s cash that will be returned to them. For example, if you wagered £200 on a slot machine with an RTP of 95%, on average you would be returned around £190. Obviously, this is not going to be exact, otherwise what would be the point in slot games?! This represents an average and the actual return to player will vary every time the game is played. However, choose a game with a high RTP% and you know that it’s going to be pretty difficult to lose a lot of cash.

Average Pay Out for Classic Online Slots

When we refer to classic online slots, we’re talking about your standard three-reel slots, video slots and in general slot games that have fixed game-mechanics and jackpots. The classic three-reel slots are what are known as ‘low variance’ slots as there is a highly limited number of potential symbol combinations. Because of this, it’s pretty common in 2021 to find an average RTP% of around 97%! These days there is a huge selection of low-volatility slot games, so make sure you always do your research and compare the RTP% and bonus potential of ever game you choose to play!

The Average Odds of Winning Progressive Slots

Progressive slots offer tons of features that standard slots do not, including:

          High volatility

          A progressive jackpot

          Multiple jackpot tiers

The combination of these features means that the chance of winning the ultimate jackpot on progressive slots is extraordinarily low, but the jackpot will be HUGE! Progressive slots are complicated because the RTP% depends on the state of the game – if the jackpot is currently below the break-even point, you can expect a negative RTP%. However, if the jackpot is a lot larger then expect a positive RTP average of 100%+!

What are your Odds?

Overall, when it comes to pay-out rates of standard online slot games you can expect to find an average RTP of 97%. However, these games aren’t quite so lucrative and if you want to try your luck on advanced slot games such as progressive slots, ensure you keep an eye on that jackpot as it may have a big effect on the RTP%!