Was it Clairvoyance or Luck that Helped these People Strike it Rich?

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Luck is blind, they say – and this is especially true for the world of regulated gaming. Both online games like the ones you can play at https://ca.allslotscasino.com/ and the ones you’ll find at land-based gaming venues are required by law to be completely fair – which, in their case, means “random”. They even need to be certified to be random. The All Slots Canada is required to undergo regular checks – its random number generators are audited periodically by an independent industry body called eCogra to prove that its games are completely unpredictable. The All Slots’ land-based counterparts are also under the scrutiny of gaming authorities, as the fairness of their games is the basis for a correct service. Both the All Slots and its online and land-based counterparts are completely random, and they have the papers to prove it. This makes one wonder: are jackpot winners lucky or are they able to predict the future? There are many cases that seem to be pure luck but sometimes the events – and the big wins – are far too unlikely, like in the cases we’ll describe below.

Breakfast and Slot Machines

Johanna Heundl, as millions of other Americans, was relaxing in Las Vegas, at the Bally’s. She was most likely fascinated by the crowds and the lights, the glitter, and the glamor of Sin City, which pushed her toward trying her luck at the Bally’s Casino. Initially, the retired or printer only wanted to have breakfast, yet something apparently pushed her toward the casino’s Megabucks slot machine. She spun the reels and hit a jackpot worth $22 million. “But I didn’t realize I won the $22 million. I thought it was $22,000”, she told the press later.

Was it pure luck or something more to determine her to play instead of eating?

Exceeding the Budget

Ignoring your budget is never a great idea when you gamble. The 67-year-old retired flight attendant who remained anonymous probably didn’t know this when she entered the Palace Station to play. Initially, she wanted to spend only $100 on Megabucks but she didn’t stop before spending three times as much. In her case, this was the right decision: the woman hit the third largest Megabucks jackpot in Las Vegas history, worth over $27.5 million.

Was it chance or something else that pushed her to spend more than she intended?


Hitting the Megabucks jackpot once is a feat in itself but hitting it twice is out of the ordinary. Yet this is exactly what Elmer Sherwin has done.

While visiting family in Las Vegas, Sherwin managed to stay within his budget – $100 a week – for a long time. But not when he attended the opening of the Mirage in 1989. This time, after spending his $100, he asked his wife for an extra $20 to play. Exceeding budget was, once again, a great decision: he hit the slot machine’s jackpot worth $4.6 million.

Years later, Sherwin moved to Las Vegas and continued to play with moderate stakes. Sixteen years after his initial win, Lady Luck smiled at him again: in 2005, at the age of 92, he hit the Megabucks jackpot again, this time pocketing a staggering $21 million. Although he won two life-changing jackpots. Sherwin stayed a humble man and a dedicated gambler, playing the slots until he passed away two years later.


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