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September 19, 2021 — Stan Gordon with Tim Swartz

Gene and special guest cohost Tim Swartz welcome a return visit from UFO/Fortean investigator Stan Gordon. During this segment, Stan will bring us up to date on the huge number of paranormal encounters he’s investigated in Pennsylvania through the years, including some amazing reports that he received just days before this interview. He’ll include details indicating possible government interest in a Bigfoot case, or was it a visit from the MIB? Stan has been researching UFO sightings, Bigfoot encounters, and other mysterious events since 1959. For many years, he led teams of scientists, engineers, and research specialists to investigate mysterious occurrences. He is the primary investigator of the 1965 UFO crash incident that occurred near Kecksburg, PA that he maintains is still unexplained despite efforts to dismiss it as something conventional.

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