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October 18, 2020 — Samual J. Maranto

Gene and Randall present investigative researcher Samuel J. Maranto, who will cover a number of the high-caliber UFO cases he has investigated, along with his incredible personal sightings that include both strange objects and apparitions. He is best known for his work on the Tinley Park Mass Sightings during the “year of the weird,” 2004, and the Chicago O’Hare Gate C17 incident of 2006. These mass sghtings have been featured in several television programs such as the History Channel’s UFO Hunters episodes “Invasion Illinois & Aliens at the Airport.” Dateline NBC’s “10 Best UFO Encounters” was a major television network special that featured the video footage from the Tinley Park Mass sightings along with other well-noted UFO accounts. Sam is the Current Illinois State Director of the Mutual UFO Network. Sam will also appear on the accompanying episode of After The Paracast, available exclusively to Paracast+ subscribers.

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