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November 22, 2020 — David Halperin and Morgan Knudsen

Gene and Randall present religious scholar and UFO investigator David Halperin, who expands his views that the phenomenon is caused, not by visitors from other planets, but by our collective unconscious. During this interview, he reflects on the possible causes of three key cases depicted in the James Fox UFO documentary, “The Phenomenon,” and why he feels his theory more closely confirms to the facts. David sees the UFO phenomenon as a reflection of our hopes, longings, and terrors. Some of it is emerging …With messages for us? Perhaps. We just need to learn to decode them. During the latter part of the interview, we are also joined by paranormal investigator Morgan Knudsen. As host and co-creator of the sold out dinner galas, as well as in-depth walking classroom tours that give people hands on experience with the investigative field. Morgan’s team brings a professional edge to everything they touch.

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