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November 14, 2021 — Mark Sceurman

Gene and special guest cohost Bob Zanotti feature Mark Sceurman, who has been investigating the weird and unusual in his home state of New Jersey for over 30 years, compiling over 57 volumes of travels through haunted homes, abandoned factories and underground tunnels entitled Weird NJ. Not only traveling in the paranormal realm, his search to seek out the truth between local legends, mysterious areas and the darker side of history has been an ongoing theme. Sceurman has also traveled across the United States to seek out similar legends and paranormal hot spots, co-authoring 36 Weird State books proving that each state has its own share of strangeness to be told. He was the host of the television show “Weird U.S.” on the History Channel and currently is a panelist for the television show “Paranormal Caught On Camera” on The Travel Channel.

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